Saturday, November 29, 2014

Smart green gardening tips for dense bean cultivation

Here is a vegetable serious collector rare brightly and fast memories idea for a man to increase the volume of the grains. Although you will not find nice building huts beans. Bean is a very small area of root growth, reasons, why not this abuse?

Here's your ultra-dense structure. "I am the first to create a PVC pipe frame, said." This is the ideal period of 10 feet of income. I have three legs (to prevent sagging in the middle) and I use a bar, deep burial 18 . I separable six cm along the upper rail tie wire. Thus, the end station, everything can be reduced in the compost container. another chain future, and therefore the chains hanging is connected to the other level ground. 'I should

Europe has proposed a common alternative assignments, "You can put other support along the bottom - and double loop around each string tie can be less work 'Bean thinking of moving to the deep, ignored me.?.

'Three - yes, three - bean rows planted along the chain line ".. She victory" A chain of seeds 4 continues on each side of each vertical array Then another right to SubString seeds centered between each vertical passes rope in more seeds Go forward and straight pipe behind them and, would you believe - I .. just plant these seeds intervals of an inch. lined up 30 feet in just ten meters high wind. Ivy grows, I get a solid wall beans. "

Dense beans that grow in warm climates

Daylight and in the long growth where the real strong, bright and warm, he lives in the southern US. In fact,, tropical climbing beans successfully planted an inch apart in rows. They receive plenty of light and canopy sheet provided adequate food and water, beans, radishes grow together so tight. But if you live in a warmer climate, is cautious about three centimeters away to space their seeds to give them advice and maximum sunshine South North / direction to align the lines.

In my case, intensive - three lines - the hose leaks cage, or even, for example, the great irrigation works well in cold climates. Do plants grow so thick, very few weeds.

"Except in the beginning, since they act as a mulch other, drawing between the walls do not care," he said. Weeds mature bean plants not hurt. "

No weeding? Lazy Garden? He and I are soul mates. Nets three feet outside of your building. That's enough, your climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), beans "common", to be easily cross-pollination. This is all due to a variety of beans memories remain pure rare seed.

If you want to save and preserve the integrity of seeds, however, your broker garden bean (Phaseolus coccineus) do not grow more than one variety. Or, especially if your neighbor is growing a different variety. Second, you have to walk at least one isolation miles!

Keeping your pure varieties of beans

Idea: We are trying to increase the right of your neighbor to recover runners and seeds Painted Lady common to the insistence of cultivation, a few grains rare memories ... good person to give a little seed! If you have the same increasing diversity, cross-pollination is not a problem. Also, get seedlings for snails, which can be borrowed again the seed of its neighbors.

Using this simple cage, but intense, my friend was just 10 feet x 9 feet space remove a bean line 120 feet. And let stir came - it was just a growing diversity, would be only two feet cages our independent workspace, said. "In this case," the space 10 feet x 10 feet can be planted just 180 meters line. '' It

Intensive called Heirloom beans that grow!

I am who I am, one year ago 400 bamboo canes so subtly store, I wish he worked on minarets and huts. I had forgotten the maxim '. The costs, which should go, 'Oh, but I remember - fall!

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