Saturday, April 30, 2011

Met Undercover Snatch and Grab Squad at Soho Square - April 29

have a look at this vid. appears to be a number of plain clothes (possibly TSG, SO15, maybe even army...fat, steroidal... definitely not London Met) snatching an individual for singing - the rest are British transport police except one chap with a clipboard who is also TSG (U on the shoulder).

Indigenous fight for the Great Lakes Commons with water walk

(Water commons stuff at 3 mins in)Deterritorialization may mean to take the control and order away from a land or place (territory) that is already established. It is to undo what has been done. For example, when the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, the Spanish eliminated many symbols of Aztec beliefs and rituals. Reterritorialization usually follows, as in the example when the Spanish replaced the

5th May, ULU, Right to protest meeting with Alfie Meadows, Fortnum & Mason occupiers etc

EMERGENCY OPEN MEETING - STAND UP TO THESE ATTACKS ON OUR RIGHT TO PROTESTTime 05 May · 18:30 - 21:30Location University of London Union (ULU), Malet Street, WC1Created by: Right To Protest, Hannah Dee, Susan MatthewsShow all (7)More info Speakers to include:ALFIE MEADOWS-arrested protesterJOHN McDONNELL MPFORTNUM & MASONS OCCUPIER and defendantUK UNCUTNINA POWER Senior Lecturer and

Term 'Radical Media' copy write, protest on tuesday!

It has come to our attention that you are using the RADICAL MEDIA trademark to advertise a conference to be held in central London on 8th and 9th October 2011. This conference is not an event licensed by @radical and you will therefore appreciate that your use of the RADICAL MEDIA registered trademark constitutes an infringement and passing-off of @radical’s valuable intellectual property rights.

Friday, April 29, 2011

List of the fifty Facebook sites closed on Royal Wedding day

FB, etc, they do what they are told, whether in China or UK or world with elites in control!Open BirkbeckUWE OccupationChesterfield StopthecutsCamberwell AntiCutsIVA WomensrevolutionTower Hamlets GreensNo CutsArtsAgainst CutsLondon Student AssemblyBeat’n StreetsRoscoe ‘Manchester’ OccupationBristol BookfairNewcastle OccupationSocialist UnityWhospeaks ForusOurland FreeLandBristol

Sign up for solidarity with censored Ecosocialist FB

The Ecosocialist United Facebook group has been taken down as part of purge of 50 groups on royal wedding day.Britain is like Bahrain!Please provide solidarity and sign up to the Ecosocialist list on the web!

Mumia Abu-Jamal death sentence reversed.

MOVE people were not middle class. Many of them were high-school dropouts. Many of them were mothers without husbands. Or young men who refused any inducement to 'fit in'. Yet they had the nerve to critique the system. To reject it and to set up, in place of its rules, guidelines for living that reflected their own beliefs.The people of MOVE are proof that poor people, not just upper- and


Great to be back at the London Socialist Film Coop, catch me next sunday, companeros!TIME TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE Alexandra Posada and Andre Camargo global release 2009 [E], DVD, 21 mins Made for Sustain Labour and the International Trade Union Confederation, the video was first launched at the COP 15 Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen and showcases trade unions’ concrete experiences,


going to stay in and practice my Spanish, did think of going to this but hey its a trek into to the city but if you are going enjoy and stay safe.Hello everyoneThe timetable is as follows:1-7pm (or until it rains!): ANTI-MONARCHY STREET PARTY with punch, cake, music and even some performances! Underneath the 'Christ Life' sign 7-10pm: ROYAL WEDDING? WOT A JOKE! Stand up comics, spoken word and

Royal Wedding arrests continue as Chris Knight taken in

Chris Knight was arrested yesterday in case he took part in street theatre during the Royal Wedding.Says it all about Britain today.Let me make it clear. This is a day of celebration, joy and pageantry for Great Britain. Any criminals attempting to disrupt it - be that in the guise of protest or otherwise - will be met by a robust, decisive, flexible and proportionate policing response. Part of

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Repression rises as cops shut down community film in Bristol

One said " I always thought the police were to protect us, when they showed up in riot vans and clothes, then blocked all 3 exits to the park; I got to feel like a criminal. I just brought my son to watch a movie and involve him in community discussion"Comment on St Werburghs film showing....yes we do live in a police state, look at all the secret police infiltrating activist groups and political

Police shut down dissident film in Bristol

Hey not as many secret police as Libya but quite a few.Protest the Royal Wedding and you get clapped in irons.Alfie Meadows injured by the police charged with assault.Lots of lovely dictators at the wedding.In Bristol show a dissident film and get rounded keep tescopoly in power!Incidentally lived in St Werburghs and fought Tescopoly in Bristol.There seems to be a confrontation building

Windsor and Slough Against the Cuts March –, 7th May

Are you worried about cuts to the fire service?Is your job under threat because of the cuts?Are you angry that bank bailouts are being paid for by the destruction of local services?Join the march against cuts.Saturday, 7th May.Slough to Windsor.Meet Salt Hill Park, 11AMMORE DETAILS HERE

Interesting article on Salafism in Gaza

Interesting article on Salafism in Gaza.The Saudi oil state armed to the teeth by the US and UK, addicted to oil and the most regressive type of Islam is the source.Anyway on to article:Traditional Salafism arrived in Gaza in the 1970s when Palestinian students returned from religious schools in Saudi Arabia. To this day Salafi groups in Gaza receive support from Saudi sources. According to

Green Party video argues Education is not for sale

Earth First! and the anti-roads movement

Book of my phd (that's put you off) from 1999, its not cheap so if you are interested try and may be get a library copy.Earth First! UK dropped the deep ecology, fought the road menace and morphed into Reclaim the Streets, anti-globalization movement and ultimately Climate Camp...Review here, review was from Amazon but if you do buy books go for Housemans or Bookmarks or Word Power or News from

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green Party member risks 10 years in jail for spoof website

Climate activist Kevin Lister has been threatened with a possible 10 years in prison for a spoof website that said that an air tatoo had been cancelled.Wreck the environment and you get a medal, protect it and you are an enemy.I still very bitter how the indigenous people at Bagua were killed with impunity so that corporations could cut into the Peruvian Amazon for protest of course by

Amazon indigenous call GM crop plan an assault on Mother Earth

Its later than you think, there is a very serious crisis on our planet and most environmental action is proving tokenistic and irrelevent.However indigenous people are fighting for ecology, while we must reject romantic bullshit, indigenous can get things badly wrong as well, because indigenous people depend on local environments they have generally found ways of managing them ecologically.Green

Monday, April 25, 2011

'My mother was a suffragette' says oldest Green Party election candidate

Long time campaigner and Green party member, Edith East, is proud to be standing for Medway council in next months full local election in her home ward of Walderslade. She has been an activist most of her adult life and this year volunteered to be the Green candidate in her ward. Edith reaches a respectable 90 years old in October this year but feels that age should not be a barrier in politics,

Lowkey 'Where does hip hop live?'

Greens fight in 1,600 seats on anti-cuts platform.

The Green Party of England and Wales is running 1,600 candidates in the local elections. This is a fantastic achievement for a party with 12,000 members. I am standing in Winkfield and Cranbourne ward and like many Greens I face just Conservative and Labour candidates, many Liberal Democrats have with drawn and the BNP is only running in a third of the seats it contested in 2010.There will be a

Royal Wedding Dictators invite list

"William Hague approved royal dictators?" asks Peter Tatchell Palace said it acted with FCO agreement "Exceedingly poor judgement, an insult to the victims of royal repression" Invitations should be withdrawn - Tyrants not welcome London - 25 April 2011 "St James's Palaceclaims the Queen invited eight royal dictators to the royal wedding with the agreement of the Foreign Office. This approval was

Torturers are us!

We know how it works, the secret services and police find vulnerable people and lean on them. Ends are said to justify means.You might know somebody is innocent but pressure can be put on them to use as an assett.Wikileaks for backing up what is known with solid documentation is enemy number one for the US. A number of British nationals and residents were held for years even though US

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bolivia Celebrates Law Granting Rights to Mother Earth

Bolivia Celebrates Law Granting Rights to Mother EarthLA PAZ, Bolivia, April 20, 2011 (ENS) - Bolivia today marked the International Day of Mother Earth with a ceremony in the Plaza Murillo, the center of political power. An ancient ritual shared center stage with speeches in which authorities in this Andean nation extolled the Law of Mother Earth - the world's first legislation that grants to

Joe Glenton 'Vote Green on May 5th’

Lucky to count Joe Glenton as a personal friend.He told me a few weeks back about his time in prison for refusing to fight a second tour of duty in Afghanistan, he said in military prison he had a lot of support and understanding for other soldiers.And he returned his medal as a protest against the war.Really proud to know ex-military comrades like my amigo Shane who is a Kansas based radical and

Oppose racist 'March for England' 11am, Brighton station, today

If you want to celebrate St George's Day then go and have a picnic on the Downs somewhere. Despite what you may think no group of 'Muslamics' is going to descend on you to stop you celebrating..DON'T march through our town, we don't want it and despite what you say you are only doing it to be confrontational. You're all about as 'patriotically English' as Adolf Hitler. You want to raise money?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nine Queens

Just rewatched 'Nine Queens' excellent Argentinean film about two con men. A cast of interesting characters, lots of twists.Gets you thinking too of the spectral nature of money and the way banks are rather more dangerous to most people than bank robbers.Ok its got a narrative but shows you can have films beyond Planet Hollywood.Watch and enjoy. As this review from Novel Adventures (a pretty

Derek Wall 'In a desert of eco bullshit, climate camp is an oasis of real action.'

Climate Camp has set up in a closed down school in Lewes.Location:St. Anne’s School (disused)Rotten RowLewesEast SussexBN7 1LJIts happening now and you should get down there asap because they need numbers to hold it and make it happen.In a desert of eco bullshit, climate camp is an oasis of real action.please if you love your planet get down to Lewes, easy by train from London.MORE DETAILS HERE

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mark Bergfeld wins NUS post

Sadly my good friend Mark only came third for NUS President but I have just heard from him that he was elected as a part time member of the NUS executive.A victory for the (green) left.Mark is not of course a member of the Green Party but he has researched climate justice for his masters and is a good socialist with a strong concern for ecological issues.Good news!


Date: Tuesday 26 April 2011Time: 11.30 a.m.Place: RSPB Dungeness Visitor Centre GREEN MEP SAYS LYDD AIRPORT IS ‘DEEPLY WORRYING THREAT’ TO RARE DUNGENESS WILDLIFEOn Tuesday Keith Taylor will be visiting Kent to sign the Natura 2000 pledge at the RSPB’s Dungeness Nature Reserve. The reserve is part of the European-wide Natura 2000 network.Keith is supporting the campaign against the proposed

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Party condemns new sale of Britain's forests

_40,000 hectares stillto be sold, with no guarantee on the rest_ Defra recently announced thatthe plan to sell off 15% of England's public forest - started under thelast government, and which was never subject to consultation but merelypostponed (1) - is to go ahead within the span of the spending review (2).This means that 40,000 hectares will be sold within the next four years,with no genuine

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bill Hicks 'We let the little demons run amok'

Bill Hicks love the man.Very sad he died so young.Excellent attack on advertising.In the USA more cash is spent on advertising than education.Then he gets on to fundamentalism, sex, forgiveness, the man.....Great Bill Hicks movie here, watch and learn.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Derek Wall: “Green politics is the most important thing and one of the most difficult."

Derrida said that the meaning of a word was always deferred. He meant that words have meaning only in contrast to other words. Black makes no sense without white and so on. The search for the meaning of a word goes on forever.Sometimes it seems that green politics is always deferred. Just when you think you have reached an example of green politics, you see a flaw and look for another example and

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Like Rudi never died

Mark Bergfeld, who came 3rd in this year's UK National Union of Students' presidency election. "For a fighting NUS!"Filmed April 13th at the 2011 NUS National Conference, in Gateshead, Newcastle. His final speech before voting opened.NUS is sewn up by career politicians, the lowest of the low.No nice jobs on a dead planet, stooges!However Mark Bergfeld raised the flag of rebellion!Good for him!

Malcolm X no sell out!

'They take one little word out of what you sayIgnore all the restAnd then begin to magnify it all over the worldTo make you look like what you actually aren't.'This is a bit 1980s poptastic but still fabulous.Like Malcolm X, I mean he was fablulous not poptastic....He evolved amazingly politically from Nation of Islam to an appreciation of Islam and to socialist politics that went beyond

A tribute to Vittorio Arrigoni (1975-2011)

As some one said 'there are some fucked up salifists in Gaza' and constant pressure from the IDF.Sad and terrible.Hat tip to teifidancer here

Derek Wall at Keep Our Forests public rally

Saturday May 14 Keep Our Forests Public. Rally/walk at Whiteways car park on A29 north of Arundel at 12 noon. Featuring speakers Marion Shoard (writer), Tony Whitbread (director Sussex Wildlife Trust) and Derek Wall (forner principal speaker of Green Party). Worthing meet-up for lift-sharing at Beechwood Hall, Wykeham Road, Worthing, 11am. Hotel open for coffee/breakfast from 8am but book ahead

Murdoch media attacks the Green Party

While Palestinian, Israeli and international non-violent protesters who march against Israel’s policies in the Occupied Territories are literally showered in sewage, beaten, arbitrarily arrested and sometimes killed by Israeli forces, the battle against non-violent resistance has taken its own ugly form in Australia.Supporters of the non-violent global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sunday 17 April 2011, 2PM at Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG To mark the one year anniversary of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, join us for ‘The great BP-sponsored sleep-in’, a 4-minute flashmob art installation inside Tate Modern. Imagine the turbine hall of this former power station filled with BP-branded sleeping figures, who will soon wake from their BP-sponsored coma to sound the

A Cockermouth man believes he is the oldest candidate standing in this year’s local elections.

Michael Baron, 82, of South Street, is representing the Green Party in the town’s Christ Church ward.Mr Baron, who has been a member of the Allerdale and Copeland Green party for five years, wants to raise the profile of green and environmental issues.He said: “We will be looking to promote pro-green issues because we have to look at things like climate change. We have to change our lifestyle.“We

Green Party broadcast says no to the cuts!

Great anti-cuts broadcast.

Friday, April 15, 2011

'as surely as Charlie Sheen generates gossip?'

In Praise of Marx By Terry Eagleton Praising Karl Marx might seem as perverse as putting in a good word for the Boston Strangler. Were not Marx's ideas responsible for despotism, mass murder, labor camps, economic catastrophe, and the loss of liberty for millions of men and women? Was not one of his devoted disciples a paranoid Georgian peasant by the name of Stalin, and another a brutal Chinese

AV, Hilary says yes, Kevin says no

Do you think that AV will exclude creative minorities even more effectively than the first past the post system?At least, tactically, a genuine proportional representation system might allow more space for voices from beyond the mainstream. But the proposed Alternative Vote (AV) system isn’t proportionate. Instant run-off voting is designed to make the current ‘first-past-the-post’ system seem

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Green Party is marching steadily towards being a credible party

Some on the whole wise words from Green Party member Brian Orr, hey I am less pessimistic and I don't agree with him on population and I think we still have our roots (I know I do) but worth reading comments welcome!The Green Party is marching steadily towards being a credible party with a prospect of slowly becominga genuine factor in British politics (with AV being of zero consequence here for


The Coalition of Resistance is organising a European conference against Austerity, Cuts and Privatisation, and in defence of the Welfare State on Saturday 1st October in London.In Britain, the appeal for the conference is supported by Tony Benn, Len McCluskey (Unite General Secretary), Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary), John McDonnell MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Caoline Lucas MP, Jeremy Dear, NUJ

Evangelicals support Gay Christian pilgrimage

This encourages me!Jeremy Marks, director of Courage UK, an evangelical group supportive of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, said: ‘Symon Hill’s pilgrimage of repentance is one of those projects that truly warms and encourages the heart of any gay person, because it recognises deeply held views yet illustrates the process of repentance in a very real and inspiring way. Let us pray that Symon’s

The Unfair Fare Dodge! A railway adventure

16 April, 12 noonDressed as The Railway Children (as much tweed as you can manage!) we willhold a rally at Monument station before taking red flannel petticoats andflags to the railway platform. From there you’re invited to join theUnfair Fare Dodge as we pay a reasonable fare for a 30 mile journey (we’llpay the amount you would pay for the equivalent journey in Europe). Ourgovernment plans to

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RCN Nurses say up yours Lansley!

Well that was the sentiment if not the exact word used in the RCN motion.The Lib Dems and Cons want to destroy the NHS, although lets be honest Labour were having a good go at making it into a market too.NHS is life and death for us in the UK, great the nurses are up for a fight.The RCN conference passed the no confidence motion in the health minister with a huge majority.Going to be interesting

Green Party calls on RCN to revolt to save the NHS

Stuart Jeffery, the Green Party's health spokesperson has called on nurses to unite against the draft Health and Social Care Bill.Stuart, himself a registered nurse, has written to the Royal College of Nursing's president, Andrea Spyropoulos, and its general secretary, Peter Carter, calling for the RCN to come out fighting against the devatating changes to the NHS being driven through by the

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mirrar block uranium mining in solidarity with Japanese

The Mirrar People have renewed their opposition to the multibillion-dollarJabiluka uranium deposit in Australia's Northern territory, declaring theirwish, in solidarity with the people of Japan, to include the deposit as part ofthe UNESCO world heritage-listed Kakadu National Park.In a recent letter to UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon (PDF), Mirrar ElderYvonne Margarula lamented [...]Continue

Chris Bambery sets up new socialist party in Scotland!

I think I am more sympathetic to the SWP but lets see, these left group do multiple don't they.glad to b green, less multiple splits.....Dear CC and Party Members,We, the undersigned, are writing to inform you of our resignation from the Socialist Workers Party. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly: for all of us, it is an immense emotional and political strain to abandon an

Liberal Democrat MEP expects angry voters to pick up guns and shoot Nick Clegg

It’s incredible to learn that some Liberal Democrat council candidates are reluctant to promote the achievements of the party in Government. “Keep it local,” they argue. “Don’t mention the Coalition or the cuts.”Jo Grimond, the former Liberal Party leader, said in 1963 that he would march his troops to the sound of gunfire. If he’d have looked behind when this lot were in his battalion he’d


This is a very rough translation of a statement from Hugo Blanco, the indigenous ecosocialist leader from Peru, sunday saw the first round of the Presidential election with Humula the most left of the candidates winning the first round.Hugo argues that all the candidates are constrained within an extractive capitalist model, those most oppose to this model and wanting justice have voted for


I can't really do design, although thanks to P for making this blog look passable, so I do love a good looking blog.Take a look at teifidancer which is beautiful and pushes thing a little I feel.Always had a soft spot for snails since I used to look at dead neolithic ones when I was an archaeologistResist the ordercelebrate diversityshake rattle and rolland all that jazz.Tremblethrough the

Monday, April 11, 2011

SWP CC on Chris Bambery’s resignation

Chris Bambery’s resignationChris Bambery has resigned from the Central Committee (CC) and the SWP. This is very disappointing, but we strongly reject the analysis Chris has put forward in his resignation letter.The CC has for some time had worries about aspects of Chris’s work. As Chris’s letter states, the CC asked him to step aside from responsibility for our work in Scotland, and after the

Independent Commission on Banking report means more debt and cuts

Mervyn King in a devastating speech argued that British banks are too big to fail.If a bank collapses like dominoes it knocks over the banking system and crashs the economy.Because they know this banks have a hidden subsidy, they can afford to take risks because if it all goes tits up, the government has to bail them out.The bank bailout is part of the reason why we have a fast appraoching £1


Nice statement, once wrote a book with Penny, thats a while back now! The Green Party Press office does good workGreen politics across Europe received a boost asa new poll indicated that the German Greens have overtaken the SocialDemocrats as Germany's largest opposition party. The figures from theindependent poll put the party at 28%, and mean that if a national electionwere held today Germany

Chris Bambery resigns from the SWP

Saw this on Alex Snowdon's blog including Chris Bambery's resignation letter.To be honest while I have criticism of the SWP, generally they seem to have been doing good work, I have been very impressed with their support for climate action which has not been about parachuting in but long term steady work where people like Jonathan Neale and Martin Empson have worked cooperatively with Green Party

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Communiqué From Anonymous to the British people

Just got sent this, make for it what you will, it was sent by anon.We are anonymous. And so are you. This is a call to all political activists and all people in the United Kingdom to join our fight against the UK establishment. We are aware that the government is increasingly indifferent to traditional forms of protest even when organised on large scale. Any effective means that the people may

The Caroline effect

I have referred in previous posts to the ‘Caroline Effect’ – how the election of Caroline Lucas has changed, and is changing, the face of politics in Brighton and Hove. I was wrong. There isn’t a ‘Caroline Effect’, there are several ‘Caroline Effects’.Effect 1: galvanising anti-Tory opposition. Many tribal Labour supporters, like me, alienated by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, student fees,

'They fought with dresses'

1) Films on the frontier 'Paris is Burning''Paris is Burning' is wonderful film of the drag balls put together by gay African-Americans in the 1970s and 1980s in New York.Though she was only 27, Angie had been a mother more than a dozen times. Not in the usual way; she was biologically male. "But a mother is one who raises a child, not one who borns it," Hector pointed out. And as mother of the

Derek Wall interviews Mark Bergfeld NUS presidential candidate

The eruption of student protests against the Con Dem government's cuts, took virtually all of us by surprise, when late last year young people took to the streets to challenge university fees and the removal of the EMA. The force of such protest from the grassroots has been challenging for the National Union of Students. Aaron Porter, the President of the NUS, condemned militant protest and as

Green Party House of Lords results

1. Jenny JONES2. Emma DIXON3. John WHITELEGG4. Shahrar ALI5. James HUMPHREYS6. Rupert READ7. Alan FRANCIS1st reserve: Jessica GOLDFINCH2nd reserve: Rebecca JOHNSON3rd reserve: Stuart JEFFERY Candidates' 1st preference votes.John WHITELEGG 335Jenny JONES 692James HUMPHREYS 180Emma DIXON 439Shahrar ALI 320Rupert READ 202Rebecca JOHNSON 72Stuart JEFFERY 46Jessica GOLDFINCH 94Alan FRANCIS 78Hazel

Naomi Wolf 'I want my Al-Jazeera'

The right wingers don't want Americans seeing another view. Al Jazeera correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin is on a victory lap in the United States – or rather, Al Jazeera is sending him on its own victory lap.After all, Mohyeldin is a modest guy, despite being one of Al Jazeera's best-known reporters – and clearly a rising international media star.Al Jazeera has good reason to gloat: it has a new

Saturday, April 9, 2011

'These are our streets' protest against Gaddafi in Tripoli

A group of activists claiming to be part of the February 17 youth revolution organises a small protest at dawn in Tripoli. It declared its main objectives to be - to support efforts to oust Gaddafi, to lift morale in the silenced capital, to resist attempts to silence dissent and to show solidarity with pro-democracy fighters across Libya.Below the video is the unedited English version of the

Vote Dan

Dan totally brilliant and he did an immense amount of work for me during the General Election.He is part of block of 15 supported by the Young Greens.DANIEL COOPER FOR FOR NUS NATIONAL EXECUTIVEI'm standing as a grassroots activist, anti-cuts/free education campaigner and socialist, to help make sure this year's magnificent student revolt has a strong voice on NUS NEC.My recordI am

Naomi Klein says carbon trading makes climate action look fake

If there is one thing that the failure of cap-and-trade has taught us, it is that trying to win this battle by lobbying elites behind closed doors is a disastrously losing strategy. Not only did it fail to deliver even weak climate legislation in the U.S., it made climate action look like just another opportunity for cronyism, helping to alienate a large sector of the public. MORE HERE

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bloodstained bananas

Chiquita is a brand to boycott but the point is time after time peasants and indigenous people are killed and repressed to run our extractive economy.Contrary to claims by Chiquita Brands International that its payments to Colombian paramilitary and guerrilla groups over more than a decade were extorted, internal company documents released here Thursday strongly suggest that the transactions

Smile it's Friday :-) Simon Jenkins giving Clegg a kicking:

Smile it's Friday :-) Simon Jenkins giving Clegg a kicking:"You are a fence-sitter, a turncoat, a scapegoat, a liar, a pledge-breaker, a class traitor, probably a scumbag into the bargain. You are a stock-in-trade figure of fun and/or hate. Little old ladies quake at your name. When children won't go to bed and are threatened with a "right Clegging", they scream in terror."http://

Los Años Dorados occupy Lambeth Social Services

Just had this, all to pay the bankers....close down a nursery pay for a bonus, shut down a pensioner service fund a new carpet for bond traders office.The Golden Years’ will “occupy” Lambeth Social ServicFor the first time in a long time and for the first time in the history of London (and maybe the history of England) a group of Latin American pensioners will picket outside Phoenix House,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SWP critique of autonomism doesn't cut it

Very embarrassing article from the SWP.I am not an autonomist and obviously see a role for political parties but its so didactic and over simplified, we can straw man or women any alternative as a means of foolishly just insisting on support for our own particular perspective. No one on the left has a recipe that works, a certain modesty, plurality and self-criticism are all needed rather than '

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No U-turn as Con Dem government sells off NHS

Even before the government’s Health and Social Care Bill has passed through the House of Commons, private healthcare companies are increasing their influence within the NHS. Pulse magazine reported last week that private company bosses are set to be handed seats on the new NHS Commissioning Board, which, come June, will oversee commissioning of all primary care services and allocate budgets to GP

Hyper rich take to the streets demanding poor take a cut

Coalition of Resistance to Counter so-called 'Rally Against Debt' The Coalition of Resistance - a broad campaign against cuts and privatisation – will be working with all anti-cuts campaigners to organise a Resist the Cuts counter-demonstration to the so-called ‘Rally Against Debt’ on 14 May 2011. The official website for the ‘Rally Against Debt’ says it will be a ‘polite demonstration’, whose

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Climate Change: Why Nuclear Power is not the answer.

Martin Empson has brought out a new edition of his anti-nuclear pamphlet. Its an essential tool, I would have thought for any green activist or for that matter anyone who wants to see a safe future for human beings.Nuclear, despite the Fukuyshima disaster, is back on the agenda. Hundreds of new nuclear power stations are being built currently and more are on the way.It is claimed to be clean

Quakers are boycotting Israeli settlment goods. Now for the lies and abuse

British Quakers announced today (5 April) that they are calling for a boycott of goods from Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This is a brave decision, given the volume of abuse, hate mail and downright lies that face those who take a public stand against the Israeli authorities.Personal experience has made me very aware that there are few more subjects likely to

Young Greens back united left!

Just got this, good news, I have an article about the United Left and Mark Bergfeld going into the Morning Star....its very delayed because they have had a back log of stuff to cover around 26th March.The Young Greens are left and full of fire and inspiration!The Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party, have announced that they are endorsing the ‘United Left Slate’ in the upcoming NUS

Today 5.30pm Tower Hamlets Uncut invite you on a 'guided tour' of Canary Wharf.

Set in the historic heart of London's east end, Canary Wharf is an up-and-coming destination for international finance. With tax avoidance, bonus bonanzas and financial mismanagement, there really is something for everyone.Join workers and residents of Tower Hamlets for this fun and informative tour. We will take you inside some of the leading banks for the authentic 'Canary Wharf experience'.

British Arms Export Licences to the Middle East in revolt

British Arms Export Licences to the Middle East in revolt.Jan 2009-Sept 2010BahrainAssault rifles, components for combat aircraft, small arms ammunition, submachineguns, weapon sights, aircraft cannon, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, CS gas hand grenades, smoke hand grenades, stun grenades, smoke ammunition, smoke canisters, teargas and riot control agentsEgyptTraining in small arms ammunition,

Monday, April 4, 2011

BNP 'fraction of candidates standing in this years elections'

The BNP are standing a fraction of candidates in this years local election compared with usual; Leeds - 2 candidates. Down from over 30 last yearSunderland - 0 candidates. Down from 27 candidates in 2007 Kirklees - 4 candidates. Down from 20 last year.Oldham - 0 candidates.Newcastle - 9 candidates. Down from 22 or 23 last yearSandwell - 2 candidates. Down from 24 last yearBroxbourne - 0

'we must not go from the global warming frying pan into the nuclear fire, George'

HELEN CALDICOTT: George, I totally agree with you about coal. I think it’s a deadly substance, and we must stop burning, à la James Hansen. But we must not go from the global warming frying pan into the nuclear fire, George. This is an obscene technology. They’ve known about it since the Manhattan Project. Seaborg, who discovered plutonium, said it’s the most dangerous substance on earth. Each

Poll shows six fold increase in Green Party vote!

The polling company Marketing Means has released the latest election poll for the South West, giving a snapshot of voters’ intentions that shows a large swing to the Green Party.Having polled only 1% last year, the Greens now stand at 6% in the region, largely at the expense of the Lib Dems who have seen their support collapse by 17%. At a General Election, the Lib Dems would lose 12 of their 15

Dead cities, dead planet, dead system

Unlearned lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima Do we collectively care aboutour planet, our home, this Earth, or don't we? When the economic bottom linerules decision-making, losses elsewhere can be staggering.By Henry ShukmanApril 3, 2011As far as I could tell from the advertising at the hotel where I stayed inKiev last year, Ukraine's chief export these days is brides. But it wasn'talways that

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sufis under attack

Terrible news, the Pakistan Taliban murder Christians, Shias and Sufi Muslims.Sufism is the mainstream of Islam and a thing of great beauty.All Shias, Sunnis, Christians and Jews share belief in one god and a common Old Testament.Theology should not be a justification for intolerance, let alone murder.Terrible news....

Japanese Green activists challenge Monbiot over nuclear energy

Green Action (Japan) challenges George Monbiot's thesis that nuclear power must be introduced to fight climate change.Watch and learn and spread the word.

'It's a moral pedant's wet dream!'

Guy Taylor of direct action network Globalise Resistance said: “Parts of the ‘progressive’ media are hammering home distinctions between ‘good’ protesters and ‘bad’ … It’s becoming a moral pedant’s wet dream.”This is from my regular journalism for Green Left Weekly on the March.Marching clearly is not enough. The march against the Iraq War mobilised even more people, but failed to stop the

maybe 'Auto- destructive art is an attack on capitalist values and the drive to nuclear annihilation'

Auto-destructive art demonstrates man's power to accelerate disintegrative processes of nature and to order them.Auto-destructive art mirrors the compulsive perfectionism of arms manufacture - polishing to destruction pointGustav Metzger 'Auto- destructive art is an attack on capitalist values and the drive to nuclear annihilation.'Cool and funny and thought provoking.Why make art that destructs

Increased repression of women in Saudi to please Al Qaeda and ultra fundamentalists

Just saw this on Saudi womens blog....the UK and US dare not criticise the worlds most repressive state because of their love of oil and arms deals.Shockingly the Wahbbists are obssessed with their intolerant and mad interpretation of Islam that has nothing to do with the Prophet Mohammed's pro-women views.Anyway support the Saudi women and oppose the oil soaked tyrants including our own leaders!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Green History

just hanging out with my eldest son, Vince, drinking beer and watching Godard's Detective.....he was born in 1993 when I also had my Green History book published.Found this nice review on the net.Derek Wall has written a insightful anthology of writings dealing with humanity and its relations to the environment. The book has an informative introduction dealing with the origins of the green

UK Uncut BBC bias occupation action

Uncuts, yah!

Liberal Democrat say vote Yes!

The Lib Dems will benefit from this system, and we will be stuck with a ConDem govt forever. Vote No, and it could finish off the Lib Dems, and perhaps the coalition govt too.if the Alternative Vote referendum is passed into law, which is a big if at present, then this will help facilitate the Tory and Lib Dem strategy even more. That is, they will then be able to openly state that their voter’s

Evangelicals put the heat on Koran burning Pastor Terry Jones

Friday, April 1, 2011

New blow to faltering Liberal Democrats as London Mayoral candidate Lembit Opik loses his weekly newspaper column with the Daily Sport

New blow to faltering Liberal Democrats as London Mayoral candidate Lembit Opik loses his weekly newspaper column with the Daily Sport.Lemmy has been producing lovely prose like the following:I NIPPED over to Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, a few days ago, to make a speech and do some celebrity-type things. Firstly, it’s dead easy to get there, and only takes about an hour on a plane. Second

Derek Wall speaks at Brighton anti-cuts day school, 9th April

Come along, share ideas and step up the struggle against cuts after the huge TUC demo.9th April, Falmer House Sussex Uni.Open from 10am for a 10:45am start.Its free and open to all!Speakers includeAlex Gordon RMT President,Derek Wall Green Economist,speakers from Keep the NHS Public, Defend Council Housing, Unions, campaigns across the area + much more.The day will include many different sessions

The People’s Petition for a Million Climate Jobs

'I urge your readers to get behind this petition and not only sign it, but publicise it through the Trade Union, environmental and socialist movement. On the back of the Climate Jobs pamphlet, this is a strategy for solving the environmental and economic crises. Creating the jobs that we need and reduce carbon emissions.To do that will require a social movement that can wrest change from this

Pentagon goes green

Lead free bullets?Biofuel bombers?Why is it that a lot of green action looks like an April 1st press release?the Pentagon building itself, located in Arlington County, Virginia, is currently undergoing a big green renovation.The iconic building was constructed on a swamp wasteland in 16 months and completed on January 15, 1943 at an approximate cost of $83 million. Efficiency was a priority even