Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kelly Green Garden Queen Game Review

Time classic Kelly Green Garden Queen and resource management game is to get the other. Instead of the family farm, cafe or restaurant, however, Kelly Green Garden Queen, gets a new premise: a flower garden organic nursery.

Organic nursery: You Kelly suddenly finds a new business manager and his family take the role of a city girl. Happy customers, keeping in shape and help you manage your life village nurseries.

Throughout the game, Kelly success, family willing to join the family business. Each day, the most efficient to guide them in carrying out their tasks, keep the customers happy to earn more money form. Pots should be prepared to decide when, land planted flower seeds and watered pots ... and this is just the first level, the pot! If more tasks to manage more progress as the game becomes more complicated.

As each level to complete, types of flower seeds are available to you. In addition, to satisfy customers increase productivity and give you the option to earn additional income can be purchased for several improvements nurseries. All these additions make your employees work harder productive farm.

Its competitive strategy in an aspect of the game that makes it more interesting is the presence of a new level. If this is the greenhouse support or lemonade as new buildings available to you, which is placed exactly where you want them in choosing the nursery. Cleverly allowed Kelly to the work to be done to get it done in more efficient tasks, placing several nursery components.

Kelly has a variety of customers to be addressed. There are only a phone with the order, and there are those that are delivered nursery and wait there while growing their flowers. (They are willing to wait scratch that grew their own nursery flowers that customers should be very patient!) These two types of customers will also have a patience meter. It took patience, you will make less of them. Phone can be contacted by phone contact with customers and their order can guarantee that. Customers can visit with a glass of cold lemonade relieved!

What triggers depends on customer orders is a minigame. Customers usually flower pot, but some demand for a bouquet of flowers can be displayed correctly. When you are ready to order flowers for that, then you have to arrange flowers for the customer purchased a floral arrangement will be brought to the table. If you select the customer likes vessels and ornaments, you will make more money for your orders.

Although the game is not just about the cultivation and sale of flowers. In addition, water supply, a variety of materials and tools needed to work as a nursery of land resources and lemonade you have to worry! They are also trying to ruin a cow and beautiful flowers will be forced to deal with the interference of any kind.

Kelly Green Garden Queen typical farm or gender management game introducing a new set of different restaurants that are a good cool weather. Nursing care and protection for the growth and sale of flowers, enjoy a pleasant and relaxing the role of an employee of the guard. Kelly nursery into a success as it progressed through the four seasons and help them the best flower gardener!

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