Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Florida Green Homes green builder in Florida ahead

We only "green" We also make. All our economic and energy homes in Florida, the hurricane resistant, healthy dwelling houses are environmentally friendly!

From the early stages of construction of modern energy standards at home and green health are high and built with the intention to obtain recognition for approval. When you have completed a new homework, the energy performance certificate / water, indoor air quality and gain maximum points for environmental categories that contribute the maximum savings to our customers green houses.

Our homes will only receive the highest certification from the following organizations: EPA Certification Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program Florida Yards and Neighborhoods, FPL Florida Green Building Coalition called Smart, Energy Star, Florida Water Star and works to create the most important Gold or Platinum certification for all to examine the stage.

Benefits of Life Florida Green Home

* Power Monthly bills up to 70% savings!

* 200 mph winds as it is durable!

* Criteria for lower home insurance rates!

Nearly allergen and dust-free! Essential for patients with asthma and allergies.

* Mold and termite proof!

* Audio & Fire Corrector tough!

* Maintenance Low Native Landscaping Florida!

Green Home Savings

New house fl green energy for sale, average monthly water savings insurance of about $ 200 lawn care and home owners $ 2,400 this year, or in 20 years means an average savings of $ 48,000.

Your family's health is priceless!

Our homes formaldehyde, CFCs, products containing asbestos were built without fiberglass or other toxic substances. We use only certified green: Zero VOC paint, wardrobe and carpet. Florida Homes in almost green house dust, allergens and pollutants, to remove black mold spores and insects.

Green Building and save the planet

Our construction methods that respect the environment, waste reduction, the protection of natural resources and modern design houses for sale in Jacksonville recently built houses to protect ecosystems of our planet. For example, an average of 2,000 square meters built with ICF construction. Pie The house saves up to 47 trees and minimize ozone depletion.

Luxury at affordable price

Florida Green Homes, we firmly believe that anyone can afford to build the Green House. Prices (in his own) surpassed one million more $ 89,900 "have a house style with all budgets and tastes.

* We have three collections of models to choose from:

* Hurricane-proof houses built anywhere Florida State.

* Green Floridian and Smart Homes Green, we build the Northeast and Central Florida.

* And of course, we can build a lot of plans!

Our prices are comparable to traditionally built homes, but contains much more. See our glasses. Florida Green Homes offers luxury features in the standard package is the only founder of luxury homes in Florida.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fast Selling Your Green Key House and 5 for more money

Some things in life are such a nice feel to live a purpose built eco home. And then renovated old house with materials and eco wise people who can be one of many. Undoubtedly, this type of property is not a sanctuary not only a health problem, but also to stay.

Although life would change very often and knock. Making time to move and is in a difficult situation. Thousands of dollars comfy pillow and sustainable investments were made. I know at least 5% more now worth many houses in the neighborhood, in the heart of your home, but how to convince a buyer with a stress budget for the green?

A growing sense that the latest market trends and causes positive effects on their health and green living conditions connects the reasons for success. More data should be collected when they are still in the country, will learn green homes sell faster and really get the most value.

For example, according to an analysis by the Pacific Northwest Realty New Greenworks (electronic certification) sell house with environmental or ecological certification in King County until the value below 18% and 28-37% higher per square meter. These data are not yet gave a simple reason for the whole district - the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is not included in energy efficiency and his recording of "environment" Find properties in the area. As a result, green houses will be much to catch up with all the MLS, and check the system for higher bids.

This is where you will want to consider when preparing to sell your home. "Green" real estate all buyers are in the market for three races and they will want to make sure that you have a plan:

1. saving. This feature is a species of interest to keep extra money in your pocket to reduce the cost of ownership. In addition, the analysis of the cost of the life cycle in this category and increase cash flow you are looking for a variety of eco-smart features are worth owners. Saving and environmental ruler enthusiasm for a strong dollar is more important than anything else.
2. The nationalists. This is the Organicsons true home. They are a socially responsible and environmentally friendly life that I truly believe that conserve resources and protect the planet. They are willing to give up some personal comfort on lifestyle options with planet-friendly. Organicsons very concerned about the health and ecological values of social security benefits of easy living at home.
3. Eco-Chic (pronounced - Eco-Shiquan and Eco Chik) - As you can imagine if this type of Giorgio Armani environment. They want to keep up with new developments in the fight against eco necessarily trends and global warming. That does not mean do not care about the environment. Most do; want a fashion statement out of it. Some eco-chic, a true environmental steward resembles an undeniable expression of their social status.

A planet friendly option advertising plan to map a hat all kinds of tactics fits any note. Some recipients can fit on 1-3 cigars and have some. They want all your wishes to consider solutions and sell something.

Here are the steps and actions at an exceptional value will be forced to take to sell your house fast:

1. Find a Realtor effort to green real estate practice run sector. Make sure GREEN ecobrok or agent of the NAR, as identity. They received special training and recognizes home buyer green mentality. More importantly, the "green" try to find an agent that is more than the latest fashion. Guest probing questions and get a feel for what they really are.
2. All revenue and construction or building "green" to gather evidence and uniting the buyer. If you do not already, Home Energy Ratings (HER) to receive them; I'll tell you very scientific allow the carbon footprint of your home and have the ability to protect their sources. They can take to the bank is that the clear and specific information.
3. Clearly identify the value and investment for environmental improvements you made (ROI) Return. Why pay more for sure if this feature is seven years old. For example, an archetypal energy of the house down the street when the old mammoth show that about $ 100-350. This can result in an annual savings of $ 2,000. If you give this information and sell it to raise Realtors sure there are skills assessment value. We recommend additional web articles or books that feature is a video with all the benefits of creating openings and acquisitions will help people to really enjoy all the benefits of this home has to offer.
4. "green" or "eco" in general terms and not market your profile. Most agents make this sliding. Many people are completely fed up with this label and only very common in the media "greenwashing" may arouse their resistance. The objective is simple but fundamental - to sell the benefits and titles.
5. Create enthusiasm. We do not sell housing in the traditional way. Ecological buyers and middle-aged usually like to be in awe before buying something they are of the very polite as follows. Stage your home to teach you the pleasure of living in our minds very obvious. Most agents will advise you depersonalize it. While this generally adhere to ecological issues focus here is quite effective otherwise. Share This eco-smart feature and the whole family bestows blessings that will inspire you to do what a story.

When everything goes, most buyers to join a waiting list for the property for the same reason they spread their portfolios more and are charged in a hybrid car. This is a no-brainer for them. If you choose the agent to represent you and follow the steps there are no problems selling products and faster to 30-50% energy efficiency than comparable homes without the resources to a higher value to at least 5%. Best of luck!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little green houses

When it comes to reducing your impact on the environment in a small house a home can be a large handle package. Energy efficient sustainable homes are naturally less square meters inside and outside of the least of small houses tend to be turning. Internal causes lower power consumption, cool, light, heat, lower cost and minimum height of grass - where necessary - minimal maintenance, we have to contribute to reducing emissions and a healthier environment. But it seems more "green home" again.

In fact, if it is a greenhouse was built in 2100, many green houses, other buildings, as new subdivisions going up, out, look no need to look. But internal and external, in some invisible place, this unusual dwellings. Such rainwater catchment systems, roof designed for solar installation, carpet made from recycled materials and built taking into account the characteristics of wind energy as a family, there are several ways.

Green Energy and Environmental Design System Leadership (LEED) Rating residential houses are built to the highest certification standards. Energy Building America Program, in accordance with the standards established by the US Department of LEED It has been used for commercial and government buildings, but the house certification is a relatively new phenomenon. Green houses are one-way code standard defines a score of at least 40 percent more energy efficient home.

Construction cost of pure love, "green" homes are likely to be built as houses. Environmentally friendly, since it is not integrated into the system and solar panels less expensive and a small majority of heating and cooling standalone deployment also small budget system. The green house to make a home fell last year, cost factors, but there is a building LEED certified fundamental houses still runs about $ 3,500 will cost more to build a normal house. The highest level of LEED certification to house about 29,000 dollars more expensive. The house is small less expensive process. The same concept applies to the renovation of existing housing or in an old house of "greening".

The success of "green" and "small" is an example of a company that combines the concepts established by Jay Shafer, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is seen. He began building small houses made out of concern for the impact of Shafer in larger homes. After more than 10 years, this "small" mobile homes square meters, not only to minimize but the green house is fully insulated with double glazing and adequate heating.