Tuesday, May 31, 2011

THEY SHALL NOT PASS!!! Hagamos que NO Pase!!!

THEY SHALL NOT PASS!!! Hagamos que NO Pase!!! Picket Against Mining Fever in Colombia1pm Friday 3 June, outside Colombian Embassy, London3 Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0LNNearest Tube: Knightsbridge">http://www.colombiasolidarity.org.uk/events/26-upcoming-events/538-they-shall-not-pass-la-colosa-gold-mineDAYSCHOOL ON LA COLOSA GOLD MINE CAJAMARCASaturday, 4 June 10am – 5pmDraught Orders, 180 North

Keep out of Colombia's Seven Coloured Sea!

Oil Companies: Keep out of Colombia's Seven Coloured Sea!Dear friends,Please support local communities on an archipelago in Colombia's Seven Coloured Sea who who are trying to stop oil exploration and exploitation in a highly biodiverse UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.The Spanish oil company REPSOL and Colombia's state owned oil company Ecopetrol intend to jointly explore and exploit oil reserves inside

'There is a war going on in Chile'

There is a war going on in Chile, a war that has been raging for over 500 years. It seems like such a normal part of life now that the world doesn’t even notice it anymore. Like many other conflicts, it concerns territory and resources. Those waging it are depicting themselves as the ‘General Custers’ of this story, bravely facing the threat of being scalped, carving out a niche for the more

Monday, May 30, 2011

31 years of 'la resistencia pacífica del pueblo amazónico'

Today is day of celebration.Probably the most important day in the year for those of us concerned with fighting climate change.While environmental campaigns are under threat right across the world, while emissions and temperatures rise, there is at least one clear sign of hope.Lets not forget that the climate change global conferences have failed, carbon trading has made bankers fat without

“The Climate Crisis: Why is nothing Happening?"

ANNUAL SUPPORTERS MEETING SPECIAL SEMINAR (London) Organised by Operation NoahDate: Monday June 6th 2011Times: 4pm (supporters meeting) & 6pm (special seminar)Venue: Friends meeting house, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ “The Climate Crisis: Why is nothing Happening?"A Social, Political and Moral Perspective on Obstacles to Action” Seminar led by Lynn McDonaldUniversity Professor Emerita at the

Sunday, May 29, 2011

COPINH reaffirms its conviction to fight

COPINH reaffirms its conviction to fight, alongside the nation, against impunity, and to do everything possible to ensure that there will be punishment for the authors and actors of the criminal coup, in addition to continuing with the historic struggle that we have been undertaking in our communities defending our natural resources, our sovereignty, our self-determination and the creation of a

Green MP smashes watch on exit from a polluted parliament

My favourite green politician and if the truth be told the one I am closest to politically and personally of course is Nandor.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nándor_TánczosIts later than you think says Nandor.If you don't know the video, enjoy. Reminded by this as its the great man's birthday today, 29th May.Nandor kindly wrote this for a book of mine, Jah Rastafari!, he is a man with a strong hold

What the Frac!

OK fracking isn't shale gas totally but could not resist, another bad days work from the coalition and a good response from the ever impressive Caroline Lucas MP.Responding to a report published by the Energy and Climate Change Committee yesterday on the development of shale gas in the UK (1), Green MP Caroline Lucas said:"Given the serious concerns outlined in this report, it is astonishing that

Dissolving Oil Tankers

Lets move beyond an extractive economy! Ostrom! Commons! Usufrucht! If these are just weird words take a look here for some detail of ecological economics.This is quite a nice tactic, take a look at the Dog Wood Project good stuff from BC.Makes me think of Bertold Brecht who said '“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.' Posters made with environmentally


See some of you in Gateshead on 25th June, be great to be back in the North East, last time I was up was helping the Green Party candidate in the Sedgefield by-election a few years back.South of Tyne Transition Town’s are organising the South of Tyne Transition Green Fest at Bill Quay Farm,Hainingwood Terrace, Gateshead on Saturday 25th June (11am – 4pm).Although the event is being organised by

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fairford Air Tattoo Sponsored bike ride

Saturday July 16 2011Start Time: 09:00 AMJust had this For more details email me on wallddd@hotmail and I can get you more info, not my event but certain supportive!Thank you to everyone who has either offered support for the Sponsored Bike ride or has committed to coming. The numbers are really building up now and the whole initiative is starting to build a momentum of its own.I will try and

Moscow police break up Gay Pride protest

Just had this from Peter, who does a heroic job and was badly injured at a previous Moscow Pride event....we need to fight Russian state hatred of the LGBT community. At least 18 arrested at Kremlin and City Hall Moscow - 28 May 2011 "At least 18 gay rights protesters were arrested today, 28 May, as they tried to stage a banned Gay Pride parade," reports British human rights campaigner Peter

Culture, Conflict and Ecology: The Commons in History.

I have started writing my latest book, my ninth, which will look at commons in history.This will be an academic title rather than introductory or polemical like my last few books.Feedback and thoughts welcome....I do think commons provides the key to a sustainable and prosperous future.Let me know what you think, there is economics beyond the market and the state! Culture, Confilct and Ecology:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Attica State

What a waste of human powerWhat a waste of human livesShoot the prisoners in the towersForty-three poor widowed wivesAttica State, Attica State,we're all mates with Attica StateMedia blames it on the prisonersBut the prisoners did not kill"Rockefeller pulled the trigger"That is what the people feelAttica State, Attica State,we're all mates with Attica StateFree the prisoners, jail the judgesFree

the best way of uncovering lies without falling into paranoia

I think the best way of uncovering lies without falling into paranoia is to have some other way of looking at the big picture. As well as looking at the official lies, you have to see the truth on the ground. I thought of this while reading Greg Muttitt's excellent new book Fuel on the Fire, published this month. Greg has been drilling into the allied policy on Iraq's oil for years and he hit a

Thursday, May 26, 2011


to the hundreds of you who have wished me happy birthday on facebook today, saludos!Keep on struggling to the victory, neither Washington or Moscow but Caracas, Bagua and Havana, companeros!

Green Party rises dramatically in poll

OK one poll doesn't make a summer but encouraging to see Green Party up.Caroline Lucas is having a very positive impact.The Green Party needs to consolidate and advance....be good to see improvement in things like the website and resources for local parties. Conservative 33 Labour 41 Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) 11 Scottish/Welsh Nationalist 5 Green Party 5 UK Independence Party 2

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is from tomorrow's Morning Star....I am not really a fan of Amazon but it does seem to be one place you can buy La Commune click here.It's time to be inspired again by Peter Watkins' film La CommuneThis month marks the crushing of the Paris Commune 140 years ago when, in 1871, the workers took control of the French capital and governed democratically for all.In doing so they demonstrated

Lowkey and Logic at Bolivar Hall, 16th June

16 June · 17:30 - 21:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Bolivar Hall 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by: Pablo Alborada, Carlos Martinez -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More info Latin America Rising,

Greens Rule Out Fusion

Just had this from my friends in NYC! Go US Greens!Greens Rule Out Fusion, Will Run Their Own CandidatesSelect Peace Sign as Ballot Symbol New York's Green Party state committee adopted rules over the weekend that affirmed the party will run its own candidates on its own Green Party line. Meeting in a Rensselaer church on Saturday, May 21, the Greens ruled out running fusion candidates who appear

Every tank of fuel leads to murder

Biofuel petrol runs red....Food versus Fuel. Threatened Communities in Colombia. Hosted by Pablo Del Monte for LAPE & Peter Deane from Food Not Fuel. Taking questions will be:Jane Calliste, Colombia Solidarity CampaignJosie Cohen, ActionAidDeepak Rughani, BiofuelwatchJosé Sagaz, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign Wednesday, 25 May, 5-7pm.Room S13, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blood soaked president gets a warm welcome in London!

Uribe paraco, el pueblo está berraco - picket against the presence of Alvaro Uribe at the Latin American Business Forum in London, May 21, 2011, organised by Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Latin American Workers Association - LAWAS UK - Hands Off Venezuela! - and many others

US right attack environmental historian

The historian William Cronon has been in the news recently in the US because of assaults on his civil liberties and academic freedom by the Wisconsin Republican Party. This story is likely to be of interest to Green Left Weekly readers because of the collision between university research and powerful corporate interests. However, Cronon's work as an environmental historian since the 1970s means

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fuel on the Fire

Just had this, looking forward to going tomorrow night...Hi Folks, Just a quick reminder about the exciting launch of Greg Muttit's gripping new book 'Fuel on the Fire' on Monday evening.7-9pm SOAS Khalili TheatreGreg Muttit will be in conversation with Madeleine Bunting, Associate Editor of the Guardian. The event will be interactive, with plenty of opportunities for discussions and a Q+A with

'Revolution' in Spain is a warning to the Left

The left in Latin America for all its weaknesses and contradictions has provided an alternative to neo-liberalism, in Europe the left have generally bailed out the bankers with the cash gained from closing down old peoples homes.The Irish experience has been, for example, devastating and has led to huge suffering and incidentally the virtual collapse of the Green Party.In Spain protest is rocking

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seven bullets for Tapan Dutta

Just had this from my dear friend from West Bengal, Debal Deb.This is green politics on most of the planet, defend a wetland and get bullet in the head.Vital ecosystems, for example, a wetland that stops disasterous flooding, are converted into cash.People are displaced.Commercial interest work with corrupt officials and those who stand for what is right are killed and tortured.The media takes

Derek Wall on the flaws in coalition climate policy

A battle has been won for climate change and it seems petty or fundamentalist to criticise it. However, criticism of climate policy remains necessary. While it is welcome that Chris Huhne has beaten his colleague Vince Cable and produced a policy for cutting emissions, it is debatable whether emissions will actually fall, and fall in a way that serves human beings and the environment rather than

Friday, May 20, 2011

Five cheers for Liz Campbell!

We seem to be gaining councillors every day at present, there is a revolt against neo-liberalism and left leaning political activists are joining the Green Party.We have a clear commitment to social justice and against cuts, we need to build on this and keep moving forward!Well done to Liz Campbell who is now the first Green Party district councillor in Milton Keynes.She said today:“The Green

LSE wrong to host killer

One might have thought that the London School of Economics at least would have learned the wisdom of caution after getting its fingers burnt for other dubious guests. And yet the LSE and the London Business School are both hosting the visit of Colombia's notorious rightwing former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez on Monday.Uribe was George Bush's favourite Latin American leader, seen as the model of

Thursday, May 19, 2011

David Cameron soaked in blood welcomes dictator to Downing Street

Blood soaked dictators are so welcome in Downing Street if they use British kit to maim and kill their people!We should thank Peter Tatchell for letting us know about this and for all the other excellent work he does around human rights.Bahrain's dictator Prince feted by David CameronDowning Street's welcome insults the victims of Bahraini repressionLondon - 19 May 2011"It is a shocking

Greening the Green Party?

Taking part in Dave Bangs rally for forest access at Houghton Woods in Sussex and walking in the woods with him and other well informed naturalists, last saturday, it struck me that I ought to do more ecology. My knowledge of pollards and orchids is sadly limited!I have, however, despite having taught economics for pretty much all my working life, a background in environmental science (sort of).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The border agency insists!

Just ask Noah

http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/05/17-14Climate Change: Neck Deep in the Big Muddyby Glenn Scherer The Mississippi River has risen to levels never seen in U.S. history – lapping levee tops and threatening cities and hamlets from Memphis to the Gulf. Floodwaters cover an area bigger than Connecticut, the result of a record 90 inches of precipitation in the Midwest.Some would point an

LSE hosts human rights abuser


Jenny Jones opposes Met resources for Madeleine McCann

My thoughts too, well done Jenny. Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson announced last week that his officers would undertake an evaluation of Madeleine McCann case, following a request by home secretary Theresa May. Madeleine McCann vanished during a family holiday on the Algarve in 2007.Jenny Jones, Green member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, and Green candidate for Mayor of London

Going Where the Grass is Greener - Why I'm Leaving Labour

Josiah Mortimerhttp://marchthefury.wordpress.comIt's been an tough decision to make, but I have decided to join the Green Party. For the past year I've been in the Labour party, and met some fantastic people - principled people, including many on the left. MPs such as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have consistently acted upon their socialist beliefs, and been dedicated to fighting for social

Monday, May 16, 2011

My meeting with Rene Ramirez

Very impressed with Rene Ramirez, Minister of Planning and Development for Ecuador, spooky talking to an economics minister who speaks Ostrom, indigienity, Marx, very serious guy, real sign of an alternative to capitalist productivist economics winning battle in Ecuador....absolutely the real deal!We have to fight and win the battle here and everywhere against the work, consume, throwaway

Lib Dem councilllor defects to Greens

Cllr Howard Allen joins Green Party****Green Party now has 4 seats on Solihull Council* Shirley West Councillor, Howard Allen, has switched to the Green Party [1]having been a Liberal Democrat or Independent Liberal Democrat Councillor since 2003. Councillor Allen joins three other Green Party Councillors in Solihull to form a “gang of four”. Councillor Allen’s decision follows a string of

Sanctions now against King Al Khalifa's tyranny

just had this from Peter, thanks Peter!Halt crimes against humanity, protect civilians UN, EU, US & UK must withdraw support from Bahraini regimeLondon - 16 May 2011Speaking at a pro-democracy rally outside the Bahraini Embassy in London on 14 May 2011, organised by Justice for Bahrain, Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, said: "We are here in

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maldives 'trashing' an island - Asia - Al Jazeera English

Maldives 'trashing' an island - Asia - Al Jazeera English


http://brightonclimateaction.org.uk/occupation-continuing/Following a number of meetings of the local community at the camp it hasbeen decided to continue the occupation of the site, at least until itbecomes clear what the situation is regarding the owner's (East SussexCounty Council) plans for the site. All the indications are that theywish to demolish the existing school buildings and sell the

Ecuador 'good living' lecture from planning minister at LSE, 18th May

Development of Good Living: The Social Transformation Agenda in EcuadorLSE public lectureDate: Wednesday 18 May 2011Time: 6.30-8pmVenue: Old Theatre, Old BuildingSpeaker: René RamírezChair: Dr Francisco PanizzaThis lecture provides an idea of the approach of the Ecuadorian Government to comply with its strategies of "Good Living", a concept developed in recent years that sees growth and economic

Breaking news Bright Green Scotland Editor arrested

Gary Dunion reports:Alasdair Thompson, of this parish, has been arrested by Lothian & Borders Police for displaying an anti-cuts banner during a peaceful Uncut occupation of a BHS store in Edinburgh’s Rose Street.Ali was the only demonstrator arrested. Police confirmed to Uncut activists that even before the action had begun, they had been ordered to make an arrest to “set an example”. A woman

Green leader promises cuts.

The economic climate is difficult and Central government is insisting we all take a hair cut to pay for the banking crisis.Essentially bankers bonuses are being funded by cuts in old people's centres and vital services.So I am pleased that the new Green Party Mayor of Oxford, Elise Benjamin, is cutting all the Mayor's stuff, councillors should take cuts and work in a greener way.In many councils

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Video of Caroline Lucas at Gaza demonstration today

Caroline does such good work supporting Palestine!

Rally against Debt rallies not very many people

The eat the poor and shut down the schools brigade rallied all of 300 people today....a little less than the 100s of thousands who marched against cuts on March 26th.But hey 3 or 4 billionaires have more power and wealth than the rest of us in the UK.Small numbers may have been part of the message that Britain is run for billionaires by the millionaires in the Clegg and Cameron Cabinet


Great to speak at a rally with Marion Shoard who has campaigned so impressively for public access to the countryside, here is here statement.....from todayOPEN UP ALL WOODLAND, SAYS AUTHORAll woodland in England, both public and private, should be opened for public access, Marion Shoard, the author of A Right to Roam, said today (Saturday, 14th May).‘A right of access to all woodland already

Friday, May 13, 2011

Caroline Lucas nominates Petra Kelly

Matthew Parris presents the biographical series in which his guests choose someone who has inspired their lives. Green MP Caroline Lucas nominates German Green politician Petra Kelly. Kelly was one of the first Green parliamentarians to be elected anywhere in the world. Intense, charismatic and beautiful, she became an international political superstar who rejected the idea of conventional

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Logging companies assault Amazon, indigenous resist!

Peru: ORKIWAN Alleges That Logging Companies Want To Enter Indian Territory With Lies Translated from Spanish, Original Below The Organization Kichwaruna Wangurina of the High Napo - ORKIWAN, regional basis of ORPIO and AIDESEP, which brings together more than 30 communities of the Upper Napo, reported that the logging company Forestal Amazonas is touring the Upper Napo communities with the

Five logging camps, thirteen heavy machines set on fire!

The destruction of global ecology by an economy based on produce, consume, throwaway is not even on the agenda.A gun is pointing at our heads and we ask what colour wall paper is best.Trivia rules.Indigneous people are taking action, if environmental politics is about personal moralism or token action it is apolitical....don't load the gun with lead free bullets fight for an economy based on

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emergency demo 'Lib Dems stop trashing our future'

Emergency Demo - No backtracking on climate targets!8.00 AM, Monday 16th May.Lib Dem HQ, Cowley Street.They lied and they lied and they lied during the General Election.Now they are going to water down climate policy.Lets make it noisy and show what we think....demo moves on to Downing Steet after Lib Dem HQ.Resolute reminds me:Facebook event for the demo here if you want to invite friends,

Friends of Bradley Manning are my friends!

Just came across UK Friends of Bradley Manning, the US is a pretty brutal system and those who value liberty need to organise in support of Bradley, please link and tweet and spread the word.The following account is good description of their work.“During Lent I made a decision to do a weekly 2 hour vigil at the American Embassy in London for Bradley Manning. The main sign I took read FREE BRADLEY

Derek Wall at Keep Our Forests Public Protest, 14th Saturday

Worthing Keep Our Forests Public is staging a rally and walk from Whiteways car park on the A29 near Amberley and Arundel at 12 noon on Saturday May 14. Map reference TQ 001 107, 2.25 miles south west of Amberley railway station.Although the government backed away from its original controversial plans to raixe £250m by selling off forest land, the group is warning that the danger is not yet over

Monday, May 9, 2011

Capitalism is freedom

“Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.” - Bertrand RussellFound this on a rather nice new politics blog here....take a look, amigoes!


The Green Line up for the GLA is as follows:Be good to see Noel Lynch re-elected, I think given the wipeout of the Lib Dems, he could well win.We need to get involved and support, I know I will. Green Party list of London-wide Assembly candidates:1. Jenny Jones2. Darren Johnson3. Noel Lynch4. Natalie Bennett5. Shahrar Ali6. Farid Bakht7. Charlotte Dingle8. Sue Luxton9. Caroline Allen10. Romayne

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Socialist Green Coalition will fight to win in Durban!

The Socialist Green Coalition (SGC) announced its Election Declaration tothe People on Friday 6th May 2011. Meeting on the steps of the Durban CityHall at 2:30pm the SGC introduced its electoral candidates to the crowdwhich included representatives from the Democratic Left Front (DLF), MuslimYouth Movement, African Muslim Youth Congress and Socialist Party of Azania(SOPA). Alan Murphy (SGC

Labour refuse to run Brighton with Green Party

Just been told that the Labour Party have refused to go into coalition with the Green Party who on 23 seats are five short of a majority.Local government is tough in the face of cuts but my suspicion is Labour simply wish the Greens to fail because the threat of an example that works or at least works a lot better than the still rather Blairite Labour Party would provide the threat of a good


Just got sent this by Mike, thanks Mike, of course there is one economist has got this all covered the wonderful Elinor Ostrom.....if you are serious about prosperity with ecology please look at her work!THE ECONOMICS OF HAPPINESSMike Chadwick, on behalf of the organising groups (Transition Town HighWycombe, Wycombe Friends of the Earth, and Wycombe Environment Centre)What makes us happy? Amidst

'You Can't Occupy a Smile | لا يمكنك تحتل ابتسامة'

I ran into Jody McIntyre on friday night as you do, I told him how much I had enjoyed the Equality Movement event I had been to a month or two ago....he told me that another one was coming up this Friday, I am running around quite a bit at the moment but I will try and make it, may be see you on friday.You Can't Occupy a Smile | لا يمكنك تحتل ابتسامةSolidarity with Palestine - From Nakba to

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caroline Lucas celebrates new election victory in Brighton

Indigenous M10 movement shut down highway

Indigenous people are the vanguard for life on earth, join them! Spread the word....pay your rent to mother earth.Green scams and carbon credits....or an economy based on respect for humanity and nature....just seen this!On May 6, 2011, the grassroots indigenous and environmental group known as The10th April Movement (El Movimiento 10 de Abril, or "M10") shut down a section ofthe Panamerican

Friday, May 6, 2011

Greens win big in Brighton

Just had this press release, amazing stuff....Lib Dems wiped off of the map in Brighton by Green Party and gains from Tories and Labour, shows the effect of Caroline Lucas becoming the first Green Party MP, 23 Green councillors making us the biggest group on the council (total councillors 54) however short of a majority."A huge vote of confidence in the Greens" Brighton and Hove Greens become

My result in Winkfield and Cranbourne ward

Winkfield & Cranbourne results Election Candidate Party Votes % Mary Ballin Conservative Party Candidate 1308 39% Elected Alan Kendall Conservative Party Candidate 1250 37% Elected Derek Wall Green Party 269 8% Not elected Carol Ann Draper The Labour Party Candidate 255 8% Not elected Anthony House The Labour Party Candidate 252 8% Not elected So pleasing to beat Labour and the Lib Dems (

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greens win Tesco battle ward in Bristol

Gus Hoyt has gained 42% for the Green Party defeating the Lib Dems and taking a seat in Ashley ward Bristol, where the conflict over the Stoke's Croft Tesco has occurred.I used to live on the Ashley Road in the early 1990s so am very pleased.

First results show Lib Dems smashed

Suggestion from BBC Scotland that Lib Dems are on 3% and 4% in constituency and regional vote in Scotland.In Liverpool Paul Cain who had 53% of vote concedes defeat.The Conservatives are wrecking Britain and enhancing Thatcher's revolution and the Libs put them in powerMy prediction is that Charles Kennedy will join Labour within days and Clegg will face a leadership challenge.Even if the initial

Amazon people say economist de Soto is a threat to their survival

In the past indigenous land was stolen with impunity and ideological support was given by economists who attacked indigenous people as backward.The indigenous today have a voice and they no longer take the slanders and lies. The well know economist de Soto, who is ignorant of Elinor Ostrom's work on commons, insists the Amazon be parcelled into private property. The indigenous were massacred at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hands off Venezuela Conference

As advanced capitalist countries embark on austerity programs, cuttingspending on health care, education, increasing tuition fees etc.,Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution has massively increased spending inhealth care, created hundreds of thousands of free university places andstood up to the pressures of imperialism.As a result, it has earned the wrath of Washington and the local oligarchywho

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red under the Bed goes green!

Best way of kicking the neo-Liberals is to make sure that the Green Party beats them, this looks increasingly likely in Scotland.Noel Lynch kindly drew Red under the bed's post on why to vote Green in Scotland, to my attention:Why I’ll be voting GreenAs well as the referendum on our Westminster voting system, May 5th also sees elections to the Scottish Parliament. For those of you who don’t know,

Elizabeth May elected as Green Party Member of Parliament

Not much good news from Canada's election day.The right wing Tories are back in power.Although interesting that the left NDP are now the opposition.And like Caroline Lucas, the Green Party leader Elizabeth May has won a seat in Ottawa on first past the post.I think Liz is less radical than are own Caroline but good news.Green party leader Elizabeth May pulled off a remarkable upset to defeat

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bolivia’s Act of the Rights of Mother Earth (my translation)

Actually not my translation, I am still working on my Spanish, but Karen Hoffman's here, gracias Karen!I think its a fair criticism that Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador proclaim 'Mother Earth Rights' and 'Ecosocialismo' while relying on fossil fuel economies.However, at least they have good intentions, in countries like the UK its all about growth/waste/extractive economy, we for example wasted

Why the 'head-shaking stupidity' of the No campaign is winning me over to voting Yes to AV

According to the No campaignAV is costlyThe change to AV will cost up to an additional £250 million. Local councils would have to waste money on costly electronic vote counting machines and expensive voter education campaigns. With ordinary families facing tough times can we really afford to spend a quarter of a billion pounds of taxpayers' money bringing in a new voting system? Schools and

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Resurrection for the Insurrection

Imagine another world. A world where people matter, where the outstanding issues of the day, climate change, community resilience and workers rights are addressed and we can look forward to a more radical and sustainable future. Visit http://brightonclimateaction.org.uk

May Day message from Green Party councillor

Councillor Philip Booth delivers a Green Party May Day message.He also has an excellent blog here

10 Reasons to vote Green

Excellent post from Adrian in Reading Green Party:1. Fight the cuts to services. The Green Party stands full-square in opposition to these cuts. Instead of a response to a crisis of capitalism, this is an agenda the Tories have long wanted; let the wealthy dodge taxes meanwhile cut services for the rest of us. We should cut instead things we don't need, Trident, subsidy for the arms trade and

No Redd + free Territories, Rights and Autonomy of Indigenous Peoples

(This is my rough translation)AIDESEP, April 28, 2011. Meeting in the city of Iquitos, eight regional organizations, including the federations of the Amazonian people gathered in AIDESEP and the solidarity of the CONACAMI, denounced the danger of catastrophe and destruction of the Amazon basin, expressed in the irregularity of the seasons, massive flooding, frequent droughts, disappearing rivers,