Thursday, October 27, 2011

My father and my family

I and the Father

I think of my father all the time.

He 93 years and suffers from infirmities of old age: dementia, arthritis and urinary retention.

I think about when I'm alone.

Talking to my mother and my brothers, if every time I talk with them.

We need to share our life with him.

We are all grateful for their love and sacrifice - in terms of time and money.

In memory of my father in my house

I am alone in my house,

I want to share my childhood memories with my wife and children.

It did not work.

My wife is not willing to listen to my emotional outbursts of gratitude.

Prevent my father talk to him.

Grandchildren and grandparents

My kids hear me when I talk about my father, one or more times at most.

I avoid if I repeat often.

I many times a day Mull my old memories and enjoy this moment.

When my children tell me, I secretly asked my parents.

I talk about my grandchildren - children - who grow and attract new experience of life, every day.

It is natural and spontaneous.

I speak from their spouses - my brother-daughter and her husband, on my children happy.

It is spontaneous and natural.


When we speak, my children rarely talk about my parents.

It was possible to hurt me.

My father loves his grandchildren.

For all grandparents.

All grandchildren to grandparents loved as a child.

But to get in his youth working in their careers, families and children.

They have little time for grandparents.

This is the universal truth.

This is the pragmatic approach.

It is important to prepare children to integrate into society.

It is desirable, but not essential, to actively interact with the grandparents.

Children have objectively assesses their priorities.

The charge to be grateful that his parents are on you.

It's childish, but wait for the spouse or children, warm relationship with parents to show.

This is the era of nuclear families.

In marriages today, expectations are clearly defined: "To care for him and the children."

human limitations

The traditional term control is perfect: a supervisor for 6 people.

A person can have a brother, a husband, two children, two parents and two in the statutes.

Grandparents are priority part.

As a grandparent, you feel cheated?

This is the wrong approach.

If you wait, dependent on others for your happiness that you are

If your grandchildren remember. Your busy life, thanks

Do not indulge in criticism and complaints.

It helps to understand the limitations of human beings.

We are all in search of happiness.

We are trying to correct the repair of others or other, our way of life.

We will accept others as they are.

We will not wait for others.

Happiness is ours.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Optimize your body

Our "body" describes not only the way we look, but also speaks of the hormonal properties, reduces the system in our glasses body, blood, increases blood pressure and increased heart rate and lets us know how we definitely we respond eat.

State properties of the structure associated differences in metabolism. Once you identify your body type, you can limit what you eat to maximize their goals of body and perfect health. When the body fat reserves, which together directly on the plate. A diet that will help you to maintain an ideal weight and optimum health in the provision of food for your body type.

There are three basic body types: ectomorph, mesomorph endomorph and. People are usually a mixture of these properties on body type. It is rare that someone has a perfect complement to one of the three categories of body types and annual exercise and a healthy diet, you can change the look of.

Most people will find that your body type falls into one of three categories.


It is a "thin". They have a typical flat design, small ankles and wrists muscle tension. Ectomorph the most narrow shoulders with knotted muscles in the arms and long thin legs.

Long-distance runners, basketball players and fashion models tend to have this body type. Now you might think this sounds good, but some reservations ectomorph body. You can Curves missing, looking awkward time can work on a regular basis, to spend, and any change that is not boring to watch.

The typical characteristics of ectomorph:

          The "soft" small structural frame and bone
          flat chest
          narrow shoulders
          Is it hard to gain weight
          fast metabolism

It is very difficult for Ectomorphs to build a muscular physique or weight gain. With its fast metabolism, burn calories quickly and easily. They require a lot of calories, weight gain and diet should take supplements. If you workout in the gym on large muscle groups such as thighs and "hip" should focus on a brief but intense workout.

Ectomorphs should eat before bedtime to prevent muscle loss during the night.



          Do not skip meals and eat often - every hour and a half - at least six meals per day
          Eat daily protein per kg body weight 2 g

Your diet should consist of:

40% protein
40% carbohydrates
20% fat

Whole wheat bread

Protein shakes
olive oil

brown rice
coconut oil


dried Fruits


Focus on strength training large muscle groups. Things like deadlifts, squats, leg press and release the workbench of each group. Increase to reduce your weight and duplication. Decrease heart. With a protein shake before or after training.


A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles broad shoulders, bold look and physical naturally athletic. Mesomorphs are the best body type for bodybuilding. They find it very easy to win and to lose weight. They are strong by nature, which makes it easier to build muscle for them. Are regulated by nature, but when the game with diet or exercise, then weight gain. His big appetite for large chunks of sizes and overeating cause.

Typical characteristics of a mesomorph:

          strong in the rule
          The well-defined muscles
          rectangular body
          Gains muscle easily
          Take lighter than fat ectomorph

Football players and fitness models tend to have this body type. Although Mesomorphs seem the perfect body and in response to strength training that have existed to check with this type of physical characteristics. You can very easily gain muscle and lose fat fast and you can win, too. Its weight tends to fluctuate, if you are not careful. Search stalky too much bulk to work, earn fat when not paying attention to their ideal diet and can be due to the underlying muscle.Since fat storage can easily than ectomorphs are thick, mesomorphic control your calorie intake. A balance of strength training and cardio is best for mesomorphic.



          View portion sizes
          Eating a balanced diet
          Stop eating when 75% full to avoid overeating

Your diet should consist of:

40% complex carbohydrates
30-40% lean protein
20-30% fat

dried Fruits

olive oil


linseed oil




Focus on Remote cardio, running, brisk walking or using the elliptical to prevent pools of medium intensity. Avoid cardio activities to work the large muscle groups (classes of spin and speed). Pilates or yoga.


The endomorph still soft nature of the solids. Endomorphs is very easy to get fat. They usually have arms and legs in a shorter thicker accumulation. Since strong muscles, especially in the thighs, Endomorphs are strong leg exercises such as squats.

The typical features of an endomorph:

          Soft, round body
          The muscles are not well defined
          Gains muscle and fat very easily
          Losing a battle for fat
          slow metabolism
          Build "Husky"
          usually short

This body type is a little overweight and struggling to lose. Because natural fat layers in this kind of body, the muscles are not well defined. To save this pear-shaped body, more fat in the lower body, buttocks, hips and thighs. Women with curvy, voluptuous body shapes.When easy to work Endomorphs weight gain, and unfortunately much of this fat weight tends to be muscular. To minimize a combination of cardio and strength fat accumulation. If a high protein diet is adhered to, can usually avoid the need for supplements.



          View portion sizes
          To avoid starch (bread, pasta, rice) and sugar (desserts)
          Stop eating when 75% full to avoid overeating

Your diet should consist of:

40% complex carbohydrates
40% lean protein
20% fat


chicken breast
olive oil

Cereals, pulses, legumes
Low-fat yogurt
linseed oil



brown rice

sweet potatoes


You have to move! High Intensity Training circle and heavy strength training is to boost your metabolism and burn fat and calories. Hit the treadmill or elliptical for an intense workout instead of walking, pilates or yoga.

The work of the upper body with weights. This will help to offset the pear shape of the lower body and the recognition of a distinctive hourglass shape when combined with proper nutrition.

What body type are you?

No matter the body type or combination of types of body you are, if you're the kind of exercises that are best for your body to improve monitoring and eat their food for body type, you will discover for you optimal health, window drop-off