Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ray-gun killer statue shames London

A Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Briefing 4 July 2011According to Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, whose statue was unveiled outside the US Embassy in London today, was responsible for ‘winning the Cold War without firing a shot.’However, behind the cosy facade of the great statesman and communicator who ended the Cold War was a man whose ideologically-driven foreign policy, uncluttered

Guardian correspondent writes 'advertisement features' for human rights abuser

Alvaro Uribe's methods and allegiances have been criticised, but Colombians are simply happy that, under his regime, there is relative peace and security - at least for now. Rory Carroll joined him on a typical working day.Surely, for the sake of the Guardian's credibility, now is the time to relieve Carroll of his duties and let him to what he does best; composing 'advertisement features' for

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chomsky denounces 'extreme dishonesty of the Guardian'

Indigenous people get killed in Colombia day after day.This is hardly news worthy to Rory Carroll, the Chavez dictator meme has instead to be reinforced day after day.Chavez is worthy of criticism but don't forget the agenda behind this, Chavez is a target because he challenges US hegemony and attacks elites when they attack indigenous people, farmers, etc.From: "Noam Chomsky" Date: 3 July 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Got to love the bunnies, u pay you rent?At a rapid speed the earth is being torn up by human greed. Where therewere once wild untamed woodlands there are now mining machines. Wherethere was once clean water with fish running free, there are now damns andthe waste products of civilization. Where once non-human animals roamed invast numbers, there are now sprawling suburbs, motorways and

Elinor Ostrom 'an accidental life'

Here are my rough notes towards a biography of Professor Elinor Ostrom, only women to win a Nobel Prize for economics and if you ask me about the only economist to ask serious questions about the big stuff like propsperity, ecology, human freedom and collective choices.Rough, may have missed some references but enjoy, her really interesting life has helped shape her economics.ha and lovely

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Protest causes facebook to reverse ban on indigenous rapper

Indigenous rapper Caper says a backlash from his fans caused Facebook to reverse their banning of the video to his song "How Would You Like To Be Me?" (lyrics below).The song, which addresses racism in Australia, has enjoyed extensive radio airplay, becoming one of the most requested songs on Magic FM.The 30-year-old musician, otherwise known as Colin Darcy from Whyalla in South Australia, said

Colombian indigenous organization protests five killings in Antioch

Must blog up my encounter with Emma Reynolds MP, the Labour Shadow Foreign Office Minister for Latin America, who I challenged at last weeks Westminster post election Peru meeting. I told her how disgusted I was with her remark about 'the increasingly authoritarian Chavez' when the previous Labour government had cuddled up to Peru and Colombia where there was state complicity with death squads

Friday, July 1, 2011

Coalition of Resistance conference, July 9th

RCoR national conference: 9 JulyUniversity of London Union 10am-5pmOur second National Conference will be the first opportunity since the pensions strike to take stock discuss the way forward. Plenary speakers will include PCS General secretary Mark Serwotka together with Zita Holbourne from the PCS executive [and BARAC] and NUT executive member Alex Kenny. All played important roles in ensuring

'dedicated to the common use of the pobladores'

I am enjoying reading Vincent Ostrom's Phd thesis, may not be your idea of fun, but Vince who was later to marry Elinor Ostrom, was already fascinated by commons in 1950.Here he looks at how the Spanish monarchy created common property, while I am a stern critic of the European invasion of North America and the destruction of indigenous and indigenous property rights, its still a fascinating