Monday, February 28, 2011


Derek Wall looks at the outcomes of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún The reality of climate change becomes more evident every day with devastating floods in countries as far apart as Pakistan and Australia, forest fires in Russia, and another severe drought affecting the Amazon. Yet the process whereby the world’s nations come together to tackle climate change seems to be

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keny Arkana - Terre mère n'est pas à vendre

Mother Earth isn't for sale!Keny Arkana shows that ecosocialism can do revolutionary hip hop!

Boyd Barrett elected as MP for Dun Laoghaire! Yes!

Boyd Barrett has taken the last seat at Dun Laoghaire.Nail biting stuff but good to see him win and enjoy the video above.I hope that he speaks up for green ideas now the greens in Ireland have been wiped out.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Network of Free Ulema - Libya

Just had thisThis is an urgent appeal from religious scholars (faqihs and Sufi sheikhs), intellectuals, and clan elders from Tripoli, Bani Walid, Zintan, Jadu, Msalata, Misrata, Zawiah, and other towns and villages of the western area of our beloved Libya to all of humanity, to all men and women of good will, The Libyan regime has been firing live ammunition at peaceful demonstrators who have

Full recount in Dun Laoghaire is scheduled for 10.30am tomorrow

update: looks like bad losers labour are calling for a recount!Socialist Workers Party member Richard Boyd-Barret is very close in Dun Laoighaire!!

Official result as Joe Higgins wins.

Joe Higgins stated recently“Far from being a bail-out, your IMF/EU intervention in Ireland is a mechanism to make vassals of Irish taxpayers to the European banks,” “You are destroying our services and the living standards of our people."Good to see him elected, figures hereDUBLIN WESTturnout 82.3%quota: 8,495Lab Joan Burton 9,627FG Leo Varadkar 8,359SOC Joe Higgins 8,084FF Brian Lenihan, Jnr

Urgent Action, Sandra Viviana environmental researcher disappeared

UA request - Sandra Viviana environmental researcher disappeared Sandra Viviana environmental researcher was 'disappeared' en route to give a lecture at National University, Palmira, near Cali, Colombia. Please see urgent action from Friends of the Earth below CENSAT 'Agua Viva', Friends of the Earth Colombia International solidarity needed: Pressure the Colombian authorities to find Sandra

Socialist Joe Higgins wins in Dublin West as John Gormley loses in Dublin South East

Glad to see this!Joe Higgins is on 8,304 and needs 8,495.As its an STV election he is guaranteed to win on transfers.He is the veteran Socialist Party activist, presently an MEP.John Gormley is on 6.7% but the Green Party leader will lose in Dublin South EastFine Gael are going to win and will be just as bad as Fianna Fail but the left are doing well.Ireland is ruled by the IMF and the ECB, if

My friends Owen and Jen storm council cuts meeting

I had breakfast with Jen and Owen on thursday morning , who took part in this protest at the York council meeting making the cuts, with Jen asking me should me chain ourselves to the balcony or something similar.To which I said of course but 'find a third person'.Debt is an excuse to create a low wage corporate Britain.....but protest could get results, we have have already defeated the sale of

Friday, February 25, 2011

Derek Wall 'Join me tomorrow for save the NHS demo'

Join us on our protest against the Equity and Excellence bill thatthreatens to decimate our beloved NHS.Date: SATURDAY 26TH FEBRUARY 2011Time: NOONStart: North Carriage Drive entrance to Hyde ParkEnd: 10 Downing StreetSpeakers include:Dr Ron Singer – Medical Practitioner Union Rep for Unite a role which herepresents with Keep the NHS Public and the British Medical AssociationDerek Wall – Former

After Friday prayer the citizens of Tripoli march on Gadaffi (Video just in)

The video is from an independent source but Al Jazeera's reporting remains sold gold.Violence flared up even before the Friday sermons were over, according to a source in Tripoli."People are rushing out of mosques even before Friday prayers are finished because the state-written sermons were not acceptable, and made them even more angry," the source said.Libyan state television aired one such

Caroline Lucas conference speech condemns 'killer' Cameron the arms dealer

The courage of the protesters in Tarhir Square, facing the stones, clubs and bullets of the pro-Mubharak thugs.And the extraordinary courage of so many ordinary people in Libya, armed only in their belief in democracy and human rights.Contrast that to the actions of our own Prime Minister, David Cameron.I have to confess that when I first saw him on TV in Tahrir Square earlier this week, I

Clare Solomon's election manifesto 'WE ARE GOING TO ROCK'

'WE ARE GOING TO ROCK ULU'‎*ALL* University of London students can vote, ie, you do NOT need a ULU card. The University of London Union needs a President who sticks to their manifesto pledges and defends education for all, unlike the Cleggs and Camerons of this world. I promised a campaigning ULU: you got it, with ULU at the heart of the student protests over cuts and fees. Voting details: ONLINE

Green Party admit that have taken Ireland back 2,000 years and encourage people to vote Sinn Fein

Well at least they have a sense of humour....And they no longer support biofuels....Can I think of one other positive thing to say about the eco gombeen men and women?No!

My message to Green Party conference 'you can't pay the debt with recycled bottles'

"When an environmental issue is probed to its origins, it reveals an inescapable truth - that the root cause of the crisis is not found in how men (sic) interact with nature, but in how they interact with each other - that to solve the environmental crisis we must solve the problem of poverty, racial injustice and war - that the debt to nature, which is the measure of the environmental crisis,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Possibly the worst Green Party in the World!

The Irish Green Party has provided a textbook example of how not to do green politics. Who would have thought a Green Party would cut bus services and support motorway-building through a heritage site? Who would have believed that a Green government elected partly because of its opposition to the Iraq war would allow US war planes to refuel in Ireland at Shannon?The Irish Greens have had

Romayne Phoenix 'As public services are cut and redundancy notices hit the doormat the people of Britain will find a voice'

Romayne will make an excellent Green Party London Assembly Member hope she, Noel Lynch, Farid Bakht and Andy Hewett get a massive vote and show Greens are committed to fighting the cuts.A rebellion is developing across Britain in the face of huge spending cuts by the Conservative Party-Liberal Democrat coalition government.The scale of the cuts is huge. The government is seeking to privatise huge

'You must be joking I'm not Green, I smoke, drive a car and drink beer'

My friend Jessica Goldfinch is standing in a Green Party internal election, I loved the line above, any way have a look at her blog.Fast forward - Adrian Ramsay and I met via our work on the 'Wright Stuff', then recorded in Norwich. Norwich Greens look away now - they've heard this story a million times, but I never tire of it!). He was too young to stand as a candidate and asked me if I would.

Campaigners remain defiant after Manchester airport protest sentencing

For many of the defendants, this was their first introduction to the judicial system. One of the defendants, speaking after court stated that 'having just experienced the highly flawed and outdated justice system for the first time, there has never been a more urgent need for people to utillise civil disobedience as a tactic for campaigning.'Campaigners from the 'Manchester Airport on Trial'


Last Friday night I went to one of the most exciting political events I have ever been to. It was a Friday night, yet at least 600 people are crammed in, cheering the news of the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Yeman wildly. I would say 95% are under the age of twenty, this is Britain’s revolutionary youth fresh from fighting the EMA cut and looking to new battles.MORE HERE

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is the Green Party middle class?

The Green Party and Working Class RepresentationA Workshop with:Karen Bell - Environmental justice activistJose Sagarnaga - Latin American Workers’ Association· Why do many see the Green Party as a middle class party?· Does this prevent the party from growing?· How does the party represent and include working class people?This workshop is an opportunity to get together to

Never forget Guru Nanak said 'Women are superior to men'

Article from Jagdeesh, graphic from LGBT Sikhs WOMEN : From Guru Nanak to present day Panjaabi-Sikh community -a sombre reflection for International Womens Day, 5th March 2011 In the fifteenth century, Guru Nanak (1469-1539), not only delcared but actively championed the principle that women are not equal but in fact superior to men, for a whole range of reasons - physical, emotional, biological

CIA says I have hosted 'prominent anti-systemic actor'

Very proud to have hosted a 'prominent anti-systemic actor' at myhome here in Winkfield.Hugo Blanco: Blanco is an unaffiliated radical leader that led the effort to block roads in Anta Province outside Cusco city, according to local contacts. Blanco is a prominent anti-systemic actor who was jailed for leading an indigenous insurgency in Cusco in the 1960s. He now publishes a newspaper called "

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


SOLIDARITY WITH THE ARAB PEOPLESAs millions in the Arab world take to the streets against repressive, western backed regimes, it is very important that people here show their support for the protestors. Libyan, Bahraini, Egyptian and Yemeni organisations have called a United We Stand: Solidarity with the Arab Peoples demonstration in London this Friday 25 February.DEMONSTRATE SOLIDARITY FOR THE

Manchester airport protest verdict!

“Non violent direct action is essential to fight climate change, most politicians take an ostrich position, denying there is a problem or using ineffective methods like carbon trading to tackle it. In the same way that any sober analyst understood that the crazy practices of ‘investment’ bankers would lead to a financial crisis, any sober analyst understands that climate chaos is on its way.

I heart squatters!

Superb article by Laurie Penny, a billion right wing trolls are commenting on it, kick'em out companeros.Excellent, please reblog and spread the word, I used to be a bit of a weekend squatter (lol!).Squatting is such an ugly word. It implies that young, skint and precariously housed people who set up homes in the vacant properties of the landed elite are somehow crouching there to defecate,

David Cameron Gun Slut

Excellent post by Chicken Yoghurt, British politicians Labour and Tory are just pimps for arms dealers.Cameron's weapons tour of the Middle East is particularly sick given the timing.Is chicken yoghurt really vegan? Perhaps I thinking too much.So, following Cameron’s logic, it’s cool to flog things that kill people to countries as long as they’re on an ‘open and participatory’ trajectory. If

Egging Tory MPs saves the forests!

Con Dem plans to privatise England's 258,000 hectare forest estate, run by the Forestry Commission, have been defeated for the time being. There have been big and rowdy demonstrations, Mark Harper the Tory MP for the Forest of Dean was egged by constituents, a flurry of newspaper articles opposed the sell off and back bench Tory and Lib Dem MPs have become restive, indeed the Daily Telegraph

Monday, February 21, 2011

Venezuelan government rejects totally false claim by William Hague that Gaddafi is on way to Venezuela

Venezuelan government rejects totally false claim by William Hague that Gaddafi is on way to Venezuela Venezuela's Information Minister and its Deputy Foreign Minister moved swiftly earlier today to reject the false claims made by Britain’s Foreign Minister William Hague that Colonel Gaddafi was heading to Venezuela. The Venezuelan Embassy in London also strongly rejected claims from Hague that

Climate trial hears Manchester airport protesters 'prevented death and serious injury'.

Just got this, I salute you companeros!The trial of six climate protesters who breached airside security at Manchester Airport began today at Trafford Magistrates Court. The defendants will argue that they acted to prevent death and serious injury by stopping emissions from the airport, a plea which echoes the defence of Greenpeace campaigners acquitted of closing down Kingsnorth Power Station.

Victory! Aaron Porter to stand down

Hapless New Labour politician Aaron Porter has just announced that he will not run again for NUS President.More like Batista than Che, says Vince my 17 year old son, bitter as he is at Porter's attacks on militant studentsVictory is sweet!Even in defeat Porter is still full of it:So this new regime brings with it a new landscape, and I believe NUS now needs reinvigorating into the next phase of

Boy George comes unstuck when quizzed on debt!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miliband's Labour Party rocked by corruption allegations

Its another embarrassment for Miliband, if true it shows that his party still has a serious corruption problem and it looks true to me.Just a vehicle for profit and in this case open cast coal. Killing our planet and pocketing at the same time.Councillors who take gifts, cops who spy and fuck the people they spy on, the UK is closer to countries like Libya and Bahrain than you might think. If

Video of people cheering end of Gadaffi

This is footage just in from Clare Solomon in Tunisia, people celebrating Gadaffi fleeing.Not sure he has gone, fingers crossed.If he goes to Venezuela a) the people will kick him out b) Rory Carroll and the CIA will use it to attack Venezuela.If he goes to Brazil Carroll et al will say nothing!Any watch this space, I have got my ear to the ground, will let you know when I know more.

Army joins people, end in sight for oil dictator in Libya

Just got this confirmation:9:40 pm Mohamed, a doctor from Al Jalaa hospital in Benghazi, confirmed to Al Jazeera that members of the military had sided with the protesters.We are still receiving serious injuries, I can confirm 13 deaths in our hospital. However, the good news is that people are cheering and celebrating outside after receiving news that the army is siding with the people ... but

New evidence that Aaron Porter is on way out as manifesto leaked

Aaron Porter the hapless Blairite President of the NUS has had his re-election manifesto draft leaked.Clearly even in Mubarak (I mean Porter's) inner circle dissent is growing.NUS is dominated by career Labour Party politicians of the worst kind and has consistently failed to fight attacks on students.Sadly some kind of New Labour bureaucrat is still likely to win, this is because students who

Scenes from the British Revolution on Tottenham Court Road

PROTESTERS set up an impromptu library and comedy gig at Barclays branches around Britain over tax avoidance claims.UK Uncut supporters hit banks in London and other cities to “open them up” and said one per cent corporation tax was “not acceptable”.In Piccadilly Circus they waved banners saying “books not bonuses!” Barclays, which paid £113million corporation tax on profits of £11.6billion in

Solidarity protest today with Libya

My good comrade Richard Searle notes 'Solidarity protest in Manchester. Sunday 20th Feb 12 noon. outside BBC building, Oxford Rd. organised by members of Manchester’s Libyan commmunity.'

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Police use violence to break up kissing session

Alan Garcia, rot in hell!The British government will ignore your abuses just like they ignore all their other puppets, human rights abuse is fine until it makes it on to prime time television!Be great if Chris Bryant MP raised his voice, he was useless of course when Garcia was having indigenous people shot at Bagua, when Chris was a Foreign Office Minister tasked with Latin America.Go on Chris,

Caroline Lucas sets out the case for citizens and councillors to resist cuts

I am working to oppose the cuts. After receiving many constituency letters on proposed changes to the civil service compensation scheme, I raised concerns in parliament. I have tabled an Early Day Motion questioning Defra proposals to sell off parts of the Public Forest Estate, threatening 865 Forestry Commission jobs.The cuts are not inevitable: they are an ideological choice. This

Green politics is failing, we need a rethink!

The world would be warmer than during any part of the period in which modern humans evolved, and the rate of climate changewould be faster than any previously experienced by humans. The world’s sixth mass extinction would be in full swing. In the oceans, acidification would have rendered many calcium-shelled organisms such as coral and many at the base of the ocean food chain artefacts of history

Soak the streets in blood! Saudis will invade Bahrain with British guns!

'Bahrain is a stalwart friend of the West. It’s the headquarters of America’s 5th Fleet. It’s a liberal and tolerant quasi-democracy.’ David Mellor, the former Tory Minister says it like it is for the Con Dem government.The bullets used to shoot the democracy protesters are British.The British Arms trade is profitable, the dictators support the USA, so its Ok!At least the arms exports licences

'Fist in the sky til we are all equal' LOGIC - 'FOR MY PEOPLE' (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Youth fighting for justice, equality, 'Power concdes nothing'Produced by AGENT OF CHANGE (Twitter: @agent_of_change). Featuring Jody McIntyre and Lowkey. Available to buy on iTunes NEW MIX-CD 'LISTEN' IS AVAILABLE ONLINE FROM For bookings email Youtube: /chosenlogic Twitter @LogicArmy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mumia Abu-Jamal EGYPT: A Good Beginning

EGYPT: A Good Beginning [col. writ. 2/12/11] (c) '11 Mumia Abu-Jamal The events in Egypt of the past few weeks have raised more questions than answers, and while things seem in a state of flux, some things are clear, among them:1) Revolutions don't just change rulers - they change systems.2) Revolutions designed to gain democracy cannot lead to military rule, for the two are inherently opposed

Cardiff University ban Jody McIntyre

I am off to University of London Union for the Equality movement event tonight, which other political meeting gets a 1,000 people planning to go.The Equality movement is cutting edge, Jody McIntyre and Lowkey's movement for resistance.Revolutionary hip hop is shaking even our nation.....Jody has been banned from speaking with Chomsky at Cardiff University.Free speech, democracy....hope I live to

Thursday, February 17, 2011

'No place for Malthus in the Green Party'

After seeing some of the offensive materials on the Optimum Population Trust stall at Blackpool Conference I just don't see how their bitter philosophy has any place in a party which stands for social and ecological justice. This email list is for discussion of Trade Union issues and workers rights. Trade Unions are organizations which should represent the collective interests of workers.

Imagine the EDL coming into a Gurdwara!

The entire EDL mob presents itself as a hooligan mob. Imagine them coming into a gurdwara! They are a very unpleasant lot, who have all the appearances of racists with their intimidating mob chanting, typical of the NF, BNP, etc. Gurmeet 'Singh' is not a representative of the Sikh community, any Sikh group. Nor does he qualify as a 'Sikh'. The EDL are as much dangerous a group as are all other

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fianna Fail and Irish Green Party reverse poll losses to gain new support

Yes, this man is voting Fianna Fail, looks like they and the Irish Greens could be on a winner!

Video shows police attack on the village of Cajas Canchaque

2nd December from Michael Watts on Vimeo.Video of December 2009 attack by the Police on the village of Cajas Canchaque, located in the North of Peru, where two farmers were shot dead. Peru is a country loved by the British government. I am very very bitter about former foreign office minister Chris Bryant MP's failure to criticise them.You know how it works, human rights abuse, allows resources

Q’eqchi’ Leaders Massacred in Guatemala

I am sick with rage when I read stuff by the Guardian Latin America correspondent, its all too rare stuff below gets reported, the Guardian human rights abusers are of course Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro.The paradox is the countries without death squads are challenged over human rights but it is no real paradox, the Western governments and media love countries that abuse indigenous people because

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Incompetent spy emails climate camp by mistake.

Yes if you do good and work for a future for the next generations, you will be spied on, harrassed and perhaps even assaulted.The good news is that the quality of spying is falling.Some of the cops have been outed.The private sector are also proving to be rubbish.....can you imagine paying people like this to spy, I mean your corporation would never dig open cast coal or kill seals or be able to

Authors love books! Less keen on Nick Clegg

I have signed this in today's Guardian but there are real authors like Phillip Pullman!Speaking to the Oxford Mail last week, culture minister Ed Vaizey said: "People have to come with ideas. They have to look at different options." People the length and breadth of the UK have come up with ideas. They have discussed options. Between five and ten thousand people have rallied round their libraries

Monday, February 14, 2011

Would be Green Party Mayor debates WHAT NEXT FOR THE ARAB REVOLUTIONS?

DebateTHURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY, 7pmEgypt in revolt: WHAT NEXT FOR THE ARAB REVOLUTIONS?SOAS, Brunei Gallery (off Russell Square)Speakers:Adam Hanieh, SOAS lecturer, Palestinian-Australian who has lived in Ramallah. John Rees, Counterfire, just returned from Egypt will give a first hand report.Roland Rance, Socialist Resistance, anti-Zionist socialist Jew Farid Bakht, Green Leftand Tunisian democracy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

If you love Nick Clegg let him know on Valentines Day!

Green Party candidate for South West Devon, Vaughan Brean stated (it is said): “I have a son that is at University at the moment and living at home, he attends about 3 half days per week (if that)it costs a lot of money to run a university that inefficiently and somebody has to pay the bill for a 4 year course that could be covered in 2 (or maybe less), currently that is largely the taxpayer,

Aaron Porter resignation pressure grows

Porter has now admitted that he heard no 'anti-semitic' chants from AWL activists or anyone else during his controversial visit to Manchester, where he had to run away from angry students.When MULE asked to speak to the NUS official who heard the chants, who is believed to be an aide to Porter, an NUS Press Officer said: “We cannot allow you to speak to the person directly. As there is an ongoing

‘How can we resist?’ Jody M and Lowkey!

Last week it was mutiny, I think this week I will take a look at this, see you there, political parties are necessary but sharp edge is imaginative new forms of political structure, you need electoral parties and need to take power change structures but you need this as well.....change is coming or the human race is going!‘How can we resist?’ – Public meetingTime – Friday 18th February,

Greens celebrate Egypt's giant step towards democracy

US Greens celebrate Egypt's giant step towards democracy, assert that the Egyptian people must build a new government according to their own interests, not US strategic demands · Green Party 'Egypt in Revolt' page with news feeds · Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on international issues

Immortal Technique the poverty of philosophy

listen up y' don't change the system the system changes you.revolutionary hip hop is born of love not hatred for others!listen and learn, y'all!


Special UpdateYellowstone Park Rangers captured approximately 321 of America's last wild bison on Monday and Tuesday.Park officials plan to send some of the buffalo to slaughter and hold some in the pens until spring. Please take action now and urge the ParkService to set the buffalo free:CONTACT: Acting Superintendent Colin CampbellPHONE: 307-344-2003EMAIL: colin_campbell@nps.govThe buffaloes

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tories declare war on cycling!

From the Green Group of Councillors, Brighton & Hove City Council TORIES PUT TRANSPORT INTO REVERSE Following the release of Tory proposals for Brighton & Hove City Council’s budget for the coming year, Green Transport spokesperson Cllr Ian Davey has charged the Conservative administration with wasting public money on ill thought out transport projects. In the council’s budget papers released on

Aaron Porter kettled by angry students in Glasgow

Today, Glasgow students visited young Labour conference in order to tell Aaron Porter what a crap job he’s doing as NUS president. Having been sacrificed to us by his Labour bosses so they could clear the door of the clearly terrifying mob, Aaron was kettled by us. Much screaming of “I don’t expect to be filmed!” and “I don’t want to be hit!” followed (nobody was hitting him, and he in fact broke

Ask Lord Browne who will pay for the lost lives?

Colombia Solidarity Campaign London Branch Meeting 7pm Tuesday 15 February * “BP in Colombia: Browne’s Disgrace” The Apple Tree pub, 45 Mount Pleasant, WC1 (Russell Square, Farringdon, Kings X or Angel tube) Students and lecturers rallying against tuition fee increases recommended by Lord Browne should know what we are dealing with. Browne was for nine years chief executive of oil multinational

Muburak to Millbank

Hilarious (at first), highly pertinent (to us) and deadly serious Middle East commentary by 20 year old SWP member Jack Brindelli: go Jack!A bit earnest in places, like the J Cash the horses doing in here

Friday, February 11, 2011


Sunday, February 13th, 7.30pm, Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ“POLICING, SURVEILLANCE, AND COMMUNITY SECURITY” Liz Davies and Kat Craig (Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers) have represented students in cases arising from recent demos and occupations. They will be joined by a speaker from No2ID to discuss policing and surveillance issues. And JSG member Julia Bard will look at

Egyptians party as dictator Muburak is removed.

Wonderful.After similar events in Latin America, left government swept the board and smashed US control.We have another world, created by creative people not political parties.Wondeful.People power needs to move forward and make sure that rule by an elite ends and democracy is created in Egypt.Remember how British leaders from Blair to Clegg supported the dictator in Egypt.Just been sent this

Caroline Lucas says government still threatens forests!

Government isn’t being genuine over forestry statement, says Green MP Green Party leader will seek to amend forestry bill Responding to today’s statement from DEFRA about the sale of Forestry Commission land (1), Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party leader said:No one should be misled into thinking that today’s statement represents a reprieve for the nation’s forests and woodlands. It refers to the

Marx has passionate sex with Foucault to their mutual satisfaction to produce a strange and wonderful child.

I had a pretty good time at Love on Trial (Mutiny) last night.I had some very mixed and far from pure motives for going:(uno) with slightly falltering health I did want to get out and do something this week which was kind of political and social and going out (but nothing too energetic frankly). So Mutiny ticked this box, a very pleasant bit of socialising and politics.Second (dos), it struck me

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who invented evil?

The commons is the incarnation, the production, and the liberation of the multitude. Rousseau said that the first person who wanted a piece of nature as his or her own exclusive possession and transformed it into the transcendent form of private property was the one who invented evil. Good, on the contrary, is what is common (Empire 303). one begins not from the fact or necessity of private

Jerry Hicks 'Break the law not the poor!'

Yesterday Manchester Labour council leader Sir Richard Leese announced wholesale savage cuts whilst he talked of disaster, despair and misery. On the same day as the latest council wielded its axe, BA rolled over Unite, again using the anti union laws brought in by the Tories, left unchanged by 3 terms and 13 years of Labour and unchallenged by the TUC. This time without even going to court!Jerry

Ecosocialist Dan Cooper elected as Royal Holloway SU President

I've heard that Daniel Cooper has won the Royal Holloway students union election. He got my vote, so I really hope it's true, though the results don't seem to be have been published by the union anywhere yet. This is amazing - a real left cnadidate has potentially just won the union election at supposedly one of the least political university's in the country, what a result! Quote above is from

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mexican and Irish Green Parties shame the colour

Yes, sometimes political parties mess up big time.The Irish Green Party will lose all their seats in the General Election having gone into coalition with a centre right party who have literally bankrupted Ireland.So they are attacking Sinn Fein in a vain attempt to gain more than 0.5% of the vote, disgusting. The mainstream Republican movement has embraced peace. Peace is a green value, they


Markets have a tendency to invade every area of life. If profit declines in one area of the economy, firms are driven to turn new areas into cash cows. You name it, from sex to shamanism, everything can be turned into a commodity to be bought and sold. As Marx noted in the 1840s quoting Sophocles's play Antigone, markets tend towards universal prostitution. "Money! Nothing worse in our lives, so

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mumia 'After all the juice is gone, they throw him away."

When Puppets Fall?[col. writ. 1/29/11] (c) '11Mumia Abu-Jamal It may prove too early to predict the fall of Egypt's 'President-for-Life', Husni Mubarak, but events do not look hopeful for long term success. Mubarak's regime has been the cornerstone of U.S. Middle-East strategy for decades, for, as an Arab state (in North Africa), it boasts the biggest population -- and as Egypt goes, so

Jake Sully used sex to spy!

Most of you know all about this but I thought it would be good to write something for Green Left Weekly on the sex/spying/climate camp story over here....GLW are based in Australia. In 2009, more than a 100 activists were arrested in a swoop on a community centre in Nottingham in an operation involving hundreds of police. They were alleged to be planning to close down Ratcliffe-on-Soar power

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Puta madre this is strong meat, see what you think!Still not convinced that Buddhism can give Žižek's shofar a run for its money? This should do it. It's the best way a yogi can die. Most ecological too. Before this happens, the Sky Butcher chops your flesh into little piecesOne of the things that modern society has damaged has been thinking. Unfortunately, one of the damaged ideas is that of

Clare Short on why we need ecosocialism!

It is said that Clare Short held talks with the Green Party about becoming a Green Party MP, after she left the Labour Party, could I comment on this, well what would I know! LOL!Seriously despite some disasters that she was very honest about, she did some great things as MP.She has a great blog and reviews Francis Wheen's Marx bio here.(apologies for the stupid photo, its my blog innit, and if

Tony Blair shakes hands with Muburak saying 'You are one of us'

Well they kept the Labour Party in even after Tony Blair killed 100,000s in Iraq, guess they are desperate but yes last week the Socialist International gave Hosni's Party the heave ho.Dear General Secretary,The National Democratic Party of Egypt became a member of the Socialist International in June 1989, at the XVIII Congress held in Stockholm.This decision was based upon the desire of the


PUBLIC RALLY: DEFEND WIKILEAKSMONDAY 7 FEBRUARY, 7.00PMCONWAY HALL, 25 RED LION SQUARELONDON WC1R 4RLSpeakers: TARIQ ALI , JEMIMA KHAN, TONY BENN, JOE GLENTONJEMIMA KHAN: Until proved otherwise, Julian Assange has done nothing illegal.There is a fundamental injustice here. There are calls for the punishment(execution even) of the man who has reported war crimes, but not for those thatperpetrated

20 reasons its going to kick off!

Spent six hours on a train once, because of a shooting incident on the line, with Mark Serwotka, we had a lot of time to talk.Paul Mason came up, Mark definately rated him and so do I. Oh and he is not this Paul Mason and even this Paul Mason.Ok for middle aged journalists and writers like Paul and I, grime is wrongly labelled dubstep.He is though a superb journalist (not un gordo hombre).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

'lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight...' says Steve Coogan

Well I hate Top Gear with a vengence obviously.....however plenty of people who love it now see its scripts as 'lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight... 'Comedy should ofcourse be offensive but if its just idiots recycling cliches and racist ones at that....well not so good.The video is entitled 'Mi mensaje para la gente mexicana' well worth a listen if you can understand Spanish or speak English

New Cross Library occupied!

Some of the protesters at the New Cross Library read-in have decided to occupy the library and try to stay there until midday tomorrow. You can follow the action with @bitoclass and @wiilassie on Twitter, or #NCoccupation. Or get down there and join them of course!

Mumia Abu-Jamal 'US outta of Egypt!'

Mumia Abu-Jamal decades on death row in the dungeons of the USA is the man! Socialist, ecosocialist, focussed revolutionary! I cry many tears thinking about Mumia imprisoned and the MOVE people murdered, but I am far sadder that Mumia is for too many an icon and a symbol.Mumia ain't no icon, he is the poetic realization of the crimes being committed on our planet, Lenin for the 21st century in a

Ban Ki-Moon 'Capitalism is a global suicide pact''

Capitalism doesn't function we need an economic alternative based on commons, ecological sustainability and economic democracy....capitalism will kill us all but we can have prosperity with a different system. This is my mantra and always has been, pleasantly surprised to see Ban Ki-Moon proclaiming it too.Got to get organised and fight, future already mortgaged to morons!If you want some points


New to BBC Children's television its Rastamouse.How cool is this.So what is this ding Rastamouse:Rastamouse is the main character in a mouse gang named "The Easy Crew". He wears a traditional Rasta woolly hat and sports dreadlocks. His supporting cast include the female Scratchy, dressed in a 1950s balloon skirt and ribbon bow on her head and the contemporarily styled male Zoomer. Others include

Friday, February 4, 2011

AV could bring long-term Tory-led coalition

AV its a clusterfuck and could keep the Tories and neo-liberals in power for ever, please join the campaign against it. This is from Joseph Healy.The suggestion by Andrew Grice in the Independent this morning that David Cameron might be planning to assist the Lib-Dems over electoral reform — just as he did in the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election — changes the whole nature of the AV

Women Trident Prisoner needs support!

just had this from Trident Ploughshares.Another TP woman got locked up today! There'll be none of us left soon at this rate!Write letters and cards of solidarity to:Sylvia BoyesHMP New HallDial WoodFlocktonWakefieldWest YorkshireWF4 4XXEngland / United Kingdom

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Romayne Phoenix in Peace News

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------As Britain’s coalition government starts to trim billions of pounds of welfare funding, local organisations throughout the country are springing up in opposition. A new body, the Coalition of Resistance (CoR), seeks to unite these groups under a national banner, protesting against the proposed cuts to health services,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100 injured as Muburak sends in the thugs to Tahrir Square


DEMONSTRATE Saturday 5th Feb 2.30 assemble outside the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, London W1K.March to the Egyptian embassy. Solidarity with the Egyptian people. Freedom for the Middle East. No more US/British/EU intervention.Events in Egypt are at a turning point.The movement has forced Mubarak to announce his departure, but demonstrators are demanding he goes now.Pro-Mubarak thugs - many of

Wikileaks reveals USA plan to destroy Chavez

Craig Kelly, the U.S. ambassador to Chile, drew up a secret list of strategies to undermine Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president. His memo - dated June 15, 2007 (click here) - was one of a series drawn up by various U.S. embassies in the Southern Cone region. Kelly summed up his vision as follows: "Know the enemy: We have to better understand how Chavez thinks and what he intends; —Directly

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aaron Porter accuses Alliance for Workers Liberty of anti-semitism?

Members of the socialist group the Alliance for Workers Liberty have blogged claiming that their members led the chants of 'Aaron Porter you are a f******ing Tory too', which were heard as something rather more racist by a Daily Mail journalist:Yesterday’s incidents were begun by a group of students from the Hull and Leeds anti-cuts campaigns accosting Porter. This group included several AWL

The arrival of Egypt's Hugo Chavez!

Inside the Revolution film screeningFollowed by q and a with Director Pablo Navarrete and Derek WallWhen02/03/2010 7pm-9pmWhereSOASBrunei Gallery Room 104 SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XGRory Carroll and other western media sources are constantly attacking Hugo Chavez.Guess what, if a leader emerges in Egypt who does not think the country should be Washington's 'bitch' Carroll et al will

Tracy Chapman song for Egyptian Revolution