Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green MSP Alison Johnstone says free the commons!

It’s also time to take another look at Scotland’s Common Good assets, most of which are the legacies of the old Burghs. They do not belong to local authorities - they belong to local people - and I’ll be pressing the Scottish Government to bring in a full register of these assets and clear and simple legislation to protect them for their original purpose. The same process could define how new

Remember when the nurses and teachers crashed the economy?

Remember when teachers, policemen, prison officers, ambulance staff, nurses, doctors and firemen crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, took billions in bonuses and paid no tax? No, me neither. Please copy and paste to your status/blog etc for 24 hours to show your support against the Government's latest attack on pensions and public sector workers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green Party Trade Union support for tomorrow's strikes!

GPTU calls on all its members and all Green Party members to suppot the strikers of UCU, ATL,NUT and PCS in the pensions strike tomorrow. We have posted a message from Sally Hunt of UCU on the GPTU blog which explains that, contrary to media myth, public sector pensions are hardly generous. These pensions are in any case a slight compensation for the low salaries of the public sector where many

Green Party Trade Union support for tomorrow's strikes!

GPTU calls on all its members and all Green Party members to suppot the strikers of UCU, ATL,NUT and PCS in the pensions strike tomorrow. We have posted a message from Sally Hunt of UCU on the GPTU blog which explains that, contrary to media myth, public sector pensions are hardly generous. These pensions are in any case a slight compensation for the low salaries of the public sector where many

J30, we are many, they are few!

Strike action over the Teachers’ Pension Scheme tomorrowAs you will know tomorrow on Thursday 30 June UCU members in FE and post-92 universities will be taking strike action alongside PCS, NUT, and ATL and there are picket lines, demonstrations and rallies taking place across the country.Members in post-92 universities, FE colleges and adult education are asked to support their pickets and

Councillor Alan Weeks joins Green Party.

There is a small but interesting green and left tradition in the Liberal Democrats, think of all the sterling work the Young Liberals did to fight apartheid in the 1970's.Indeed some of the people in the Green Party I work with like Victor Anderson come from this traditiona and of course, hate to say this but one of my real political heros is a lib, Eric Lubbock! (cos of his work for indigenous

Monday, June 27, 2011


WITH DEREK WALL: GREEN LEFT, ENVIRONMENTALIST & SOCIALIST.TUESDAY 28TH JUNE7.30-9.30 p.m.FRIENDS MEETING PLACE, QUAKER HALL, 34 MILL ROAD, WESTWORTHING,BN11 5DRGlobal warming, climate change, populations starving and indigenous peoples under attack. The environment and the future of our planet is facing a crisis. Our economic system is in a state of collapse. Capitalism has failed

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trees for Human Rights/ Víctor Jara Festival

ECOMEMORIAMachynlleth, Wales13 - 14 August 2011As part of the Víctor Jara Festival Ecomemoria invites you to participate in the planting of 2 trees in memory of the victims of the Chilean military junta.======================================================================= OVERVIEW (This information is in the attachment.) The decades of the ‘70s and ‘80s were witness to the implementation of

Tragic deaths of Alf Filer and Frank Gallagher

I am just back from a lovely weekend in the North East spending time with Green Party friends and sad to find news in my in-box of the death of two people who I respected so much.One was Frank Gallagher from Donegal who did so much to oppose the Irish Green Party's descent into madness.Also Alf Filer, I have only met Alf more than once or twice but he had asked me to speak in Worthing on tuesday,

Friday, June 24, 2011

I am going to G..........

Gateshead, lol!for the mini green festival.see some of you tomorrowBill Quay FarmHainingwood TerraceGatesheadCreated by: South Tyneside and Sunderland Transition TownMore info South of Tyne Transition Town and Bill Quay Farm will be holding Gateshead's first community green fest on the 25th June 2011, from 11 o'clock to 4 o'clock. It is going to be family and learning focused with some folky

Adrian Ramsay says 'No Nukes!'

Greens say Britain should avoid dangerous nuclear distraction"Nuclear power creates a toxic legacy of waste and is bad value for money.Investing the same amount in energy efficiency and renewable energy wouldmake much more difference more quickly in reducing carbon emissions, makingour energy supply more secure and creating skilled, lasting jobs."Green Party deputy leader Adrian Ramsay responded

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That Petrol Emotion Big Decision

That Petrol Emotion!Marxist pop I love, Scritti Polliti, Gang of Four, etc.

Alberto Pizango believes that President-elect finds Peru in a deplorable condition.

The Amazon leader Alberto Pizango, exiled for time to Nicaragua by the previous Garcia government (who murdered the indigenous at Bagua in the government campaign to open the Amazon), has argued that the incoming President Humala finds Peru in a desperate state. Indigenous are in poverty and have had their land stolen for inappropriate projects. An economy that respects the indigenous and

Do Monkeys Wonder?

Dunno!I wonder....Couldn't resist the photo, though.

Green Party argues MPs must act on cruelty

Greens call on MPs to listen to constituents' views on wild animal banThe Green Party has called on MPs to listen to the voices of theirconstituents this Thursday, when they have an opportunity to vote on a banon the use of wild animals in circuses and make the coalition act on thisissue. Nearly 3 out of 4 British citizens favour a ban. As MPs prepare to vote, ministers have tabled a

US government apologies to indigenous with $3.4bn award

Good news but comes after the systematic theft of resources by corporations and US governmentA US federal judge has approved a $3.4bn settlement over mismanaged Native American royalties, in a case that represents the largest settlement ever approved against the US government.Elouise Cobell of Browning, Montana, claimed in the 15-year-old suit that for more than a century, US officials

Monday, June 20, 2011

African Union says Libyan bombing must stop

On 15 June 2011, the United Nations Security Council and the African Union met to discuss the war in Libya. Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, gave the African Union’s stand on NATO’s bombing of Libya: Mr President, 1. Thank you for organising this interactive dialogue. It is good that the United Nations Security Council has met the African Union (AU)

Green Party must confront war culture.

love water melon harris blog, great blog from Australia, must must must re-post more of his stuff.If you are in the know Leichhardt is a word to conjure with!More deaths in Afghanistan - the Greens must confront Australia's war cultureThe Greens attempt to challenge Australia’s Afghan war policy in parliament last year has by and large sunk without trace. In spite of recent polls showing

Peru After the Elections: A Panel Discussion

Peru After the Elections: A Panel Discussion Wednesday 22nd June 20114pm - 6pm Committee Room 4a Palace of WestminsterSW1A 0AAFollowing a tightly-run contest, left-of-centre candidate Ollanta Humala narrowly defeated Keiko Fujimori on 5th June 2011 to become Peru’s next president. But what will the new administration look like and what will be the major political, economic and social challenges

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daisy Zapata Fasabi salutes the Aymara struggle for Mother Earth!

Aymara protesters have mobilised to stop a silver mine on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Southern Peru, three days ago, their leader Walter Aduviri was threatened with arrest by Alan Garcia's government after a TV interview.For a time Aduviri was trapped in the TV building but is now free, Garcia's police murdered hundreds of indigenous Amazonians at Bagua.The vice president of the federation of

Brian Haw - Rest in the peace you fought for every day

So sad that Brian Haw has died.He worked for peace and was a thorn in the side of the killer clowns in the House of Commons.Met him once or twice, a towering presence and a proud embarrassment to the killers, arms dealers, back bench MPs who did so much evil.He was persecuted everyday....him memorial will be more of us making a noise for peace.Saturday 18th June 2011 Dear friends and supporters,

'"Activism is my rent for living on the planet."

Alice Walker once said "Activism is my rent for living on the planet."I owe Alice a big thank you, when I was writing my anthology 'Green History', published in 1993, she let me use her piece 'Nobody was supposed to survive' about the MOVE organisation, radical ecologist murdered in Philadephia.You can find it fairly easily on the net and its always worth reading:'Nobody was supposed to survive.'

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Palestinians call for flotilla support

More than 40 Palestinian civil society organisations released a statement on June 12 calling for international support for the Freedom Flotilla 2, which aims to break the siege of Gaza.The first freedom flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza was violently attacked in May, 2010. Israeli commandoes killed nine Turkish volunteers aboard the Mavi Marmara, the flotilla’s lead ship.Israeli troops

"They care more about trees than people"

Interesting article from Naomi about the population debate from last year, Amartya Sen's work on population and the 100 million missing womenis also essential.Charles Coven wrote recently in the Sunday Times of the green dividend to the child benefit cut. Put simply, less benefits will result in fewer children and therefore less consumption and while this is not the aim of the cuts it is

Friday, June 17, 2011

New victory for Amazon indigenous as Peru recognises their languages

Aidesep are amigos of amigos, the federation of indigenous Amazon people in Peru, they mobilise for their communities and Mother Earth especially seeking to conserve the Amazon.I have quickly translated this news of the new law in Peru to defend indigenous languages. Spread the word, salute Aidesep!AIDESEP, June 15, 2011. The Peruvian Congress has approved the Law for the preservation and use of

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green leader challenges homophobe visit to parliament

Green Party leader in Scotland, Patrick Harvie does an impressive job, just spotted this story.Brigham Young is a hardcore anti-LGBT university, what with Brian Souter's support for the SNP it makes one wonder whether an independent Scotland would be friendly to LGBT people.BY university states quite boldly: "Homosexual behavior or advocacy of homosexual behavior are inappropriate and violate the

Mass blockade of Hinkley nuclear power station announced

With Italy being the latest European country to reject nuclear power, a coalition of anti-nuclear groups in Britain has announced plans to hold a mass non-violent blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station on 3rd October. The plant, near Bridgwater in Somerset, is expected to be the site of the first new nuclear power station, if current plans go ahead.Hundreds of campaigners are expected to

Green politics and socialism

Chris Burton joined the Green Party because of its environmental policies but has increasingly been impressed by its socialist principles.Here he kicks off a debate.To my mind Caroline Lucas has got this right already, no ecology without social justice.Socialism must be 'eco', democratic and effecient (think commons/open source/Ostrom).Indeed Caroline has written about Elinor Ostrom

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sign the petition for arrested students Defend the right to protest – Drop the charges – Full independent investigation into SOAS arrests now! On late Monday afternoon, a hundred students and staff from SOAS and the University of London assembled to protest against Universities Minister David Willetts’ visit to the college. In order to avoid a repetition of what happened to A.C. Grayling’s lecture at

Eider duck or how sustainability can still be cruel.

My surprise was slightly modified when I knew that this tranquil and solemn personage was only a hunter of the eider duck, the down of which is, after all, the greatest source of the Icelanders' wealth.In the early days of summer, the female of the eider, a pretty sort of duck, builds its nest amid the rocks of the fjords—the name given to all narrow gulfs in Scandinavian countries—with which

Monday, June 13, 2011

Caroline Lucas looks to decriminalising drugs

An urgent new evidence-based approach is needed to tackle the UK’s drug crisis and make our communities safer, Caroline Lucas MP will say today.The Green party leader will make a speech to NHS healthcare professionals in Brighton this evening. She will echo the findings of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, which earlier this month called for a major review of drugs policy.The Brighton MP will

Italian voters say good bye to Berlusconi

Just got this from an Italian facebook friend.WE WON!!!! The referendum in Italy repealed the laws for the return of nuclear power, for privatization of water and immunity for prime minister. The age of Berlusconi is coming to an end. In a green way ;)...looks like Italy is heading in the Green direction.Love to see Blair in prison with Berlusconi, Tony used to borrow the old crooks holiday home.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Indigenous leaders threatened with death

Indigenous leaders, community members, rural workers and members of socialmovements are receiving death threats because of their opposition to the BeloMonte Dam Complex on the Xingu River in Pará, Brazil. The threats, which have been going on for some time now, are adding to anextremely tense situation which has only worsened [...]Continue Reading:

EUROZONE IN CRISIS - Solidarity with the Resistance

just had this from Joseph Healy, gracias Joseph.EUROZONE IN CRISIS - Solidarity with the ResistanceWednesday 15 June 6:30pmUniversity of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1Speakers:Esther Romero, Democracia Real Ya – LondonSofia Hilari, Greek anticapitalist activistKate Hudson CNDAlex Kenny, NUTThe EU, the IMF, and the European Central Bank have created a Europe of bailouts for the rich and

#SpanishRevolution, and the Commons Here and Now

Its commons or catastrophe, I believe.Going to take part in this splendid event, hope some of my readers do too....spread the word24 June · 13:00 - 17:00Location SOAS - School of Oriental and African Studies London, Woburn Suite Large Room (B102)Thornhaugh Street, Russell SquareLondon, United Kingdom “In the beginning, nobody, not the traditional media, nor the big parties thought that it was a

Climate change' an excuse to pay bankers a bonus and steal forests?'?

The global solutions to climate change are pants, they use market mechanisms to commodify nature, and to line the pockets of bankers....even the survival of the planet is an excuse for the fattest people on the planet to put on more weight. Stupidity and greed are the statues that worshipped by the policy makers, we need real action on climate change and we need it now.REDDS as Bolivian

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Indigenous welcome Humala victory but remain firm in their protest

video is a little out of date but if you don't hable Espanol, it will give an idea....sin embargo its best to get the news from the indigenous rather than mainstream media...Just translated this, the indigenous welcome Humala's victory but remain firm. The social movements in Peru are strong and strong in defence of their rights and the rights of Mother Earth, I salute them, spread the word,

Take action against Brian Souter knighthood

We the undersigned are deeply offended that Brian Souter has been awarded a Knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2011.Mr. Souter ran a campaign of fear and misinformation which was deeply hurtful to the LGBT community in Scotland.The Keep The Clause Campaign increased hatred towards an already victimised group and saw a corresponding increase in violence against LGBT people.We believe that

Oil is thicker than blood?

Lot of hot air about climate change but when the indigenous defend the Amazon and stop it being wrecked by gas and oil companies, how many environmentalist defend them from the death squads?Too busy worrying about climate change to defend the indigenous defending our collective future?Two years ago over a hundred indigenous people were massacred at Bagua. Defeating the hard right candidate in


Friday, June 10, 2011

Another World is Probable: Opening of the People's Bookshop in Durham

Just had this from Benm gracias Ben!As many of you will know, since leaving the TUC at the end of February, I have been hatching a plan to open a second hand bookshop in Durham. The first stage came with the discovery of a beautiful little space tucked away in Saddlers Yard. Now, after a lot of hard work, the rest of the pieces of the jigsaw have finally been shoved into place and on Saturday the

Tahrir is in Yorkshire

DEMOCRACY CAMP YORKLibrary Square until at least SundayInspired by similar camps around Europe and in Trafalgar Square, the camp is turning the newly revamped Library Square into a place to debate the failures of our current political system, and cuts are high on the agenda. A statement explaining the camp (and an early draft) are on the website: http://democracycampyork.wordpress.comRegular news

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vote Tory, kill a cyclist?

Injury and death to cyclists seems to be the policy!JennyJones AM, Green Party candidate for London Mayor 2012, has responded afterConservative Assembly Members walked out on her motion calling for theretention of the 20mph speed limit on Blackfriars Bridge. The temporarylimit was put in place due to road works, but Jenny's motion would havesent a strong message to Mayor Boris Johnson that the

Sian Berry joins the mutiny!

Sian Berry former London Green Party Mayoral Candidate is going to be a star attraction at the Mutiny on 4th July.Love the mutiny, always a good night.“Work is the curse of the drinking classes”, joked Oscar Wilde. And today there are few lives which are not blighted by work. Hours seem to ever increase, wages have stagnated and fallen in real terms, bosses continue to be vindictive.Mutiny

Peruvians say Earth First! Profit Last!

well the slogan is "Mina no, agro si" but saw this on the Earth First! UK site while I was finding out more about the mining protests.24th May 2011For more than two weeks, thousands of people have blocked an international border in Peru — and almost no one in the English-speaking world seems to have noticed.The story has fallen through the cracks, but here's what's happening:A proposed mining

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vandana Shiva on the great India land grab

Land is life. It is the basis of livelihoods for peasants and indigenous people across the Third World and is also becoming the most vital asset in the global economy. As the resource demands of globalisation increase, land has emerged as a key source of conflict. In India, 65 per cent of people are dependent on land. At the same time a global economy, driven by speculative finance and limitless

Massimo De Angelis on commons

Massimo De Angelis: My interest in the commons is grounded in a desire for the conditions necessary to promote social justice, sustainability, and happy lives for all. As simple as that.MORE HERE

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BNP MEPs fallout big time video here

Brons and Griffin clash on screen, BNP in meltdown

Caroline Lucas MP argues conservation limited if no real action on carbon

GOVERNMENT'S MIXED MESSAGES ON NATURAL ENVIRONMENT COULD HAMPER CONSERVATION EFFORTS, SAYS GREEN MPGreen MP Caroline Lucas today warned that the Coalition Government's inconsistency on policies to protect our natural world and encourage a greener, more sustainable economy could ultimately hamper conservation efforts.While she welcomed the Natural Environment White Paper published by the

Monday, June 6, 2011

Changes the rules, subvert the system, save the planet

The recent figures on CO2 emissions are sobering. Despite the fact that the world has suffered a terrible recession, emissions are still rising.In essence all the efforts to tackle climate change have simply slowed the rise a little rather than reversing it.The problem is that the solutions to climate change put forward at international conferences like Copenhagen and Cancun dare not deal with

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Qorianka Kilcher free again to fight for the forests!

Just got this from Qorianka Kilcher LA SELVA NO SE VENDE!!!! Two years after the massacre in Bagua, I am again ordered to appear in Washington's court.....posted 12 hrs agoBAGUA-Flying to Washington DC tonight to go back to court..for what I do not regret I did at the White House last year. EditTwo years after the massacre in Bagua , Peru, I am again headed to airport to fly to Washington DC to

They celebrated world environment day June 5th by killing Amazon defenders

I hear a lot of environmental rhetoric, not enough action.On 5th June, 2008 the Peruvian government killed over a 100 indigenous people resisting the destruction of the Amazon.Serious green politics, focussed environmentalism or even what we might call enlightened self-interest, has solidarity with these people.Spread the word, the indigenous are on the web, take a regular look.Finally don't

'Keiko's politics are kind of "Jamie Oliver meets Pol Pot"

An on the ground report from the Green Party's Matt Wootton on today's Peru elections.Its between Humala who would probably not be my ideal choice in an ideal world but is the left candidate and the far right Keiko Fujimori whose dad is in prison and was a notorious human rights abuser when he was President in the 1990s.The markets are keen that Fujimori wins, she will be full steam ahead for

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stop killing for bananas.

Just got this from Councillor Samir Jeraj, he is a Norwich Green Party councillor and as you can see has a global focus working for a just and ecological economy.Thanks SamirThis is from Banana Link, an NGO I worked for (and where I'm doing some volunteering at the moment). This is the latest in a long string of killings and attacks of trade union leaders in the last couple of years. I also seem

'We wont let fear rule the streets'

Public Forum, Weds 8th June, 7pm, *New guest speaker MERLIN EMMANUEL - speaking out for JUSTICE FOR SMILEY CULTUREPlus:*Jody McIntyre* *Alfie Meadows* * Tony Benn**UK Uncut* *Bryan Simpson (arrested for occupying Millbank) **The Guillotine 3 (under suspicion for conspiracy to commit street theatre during the Royal Wedding) * *John Mcdonnell MP ** Sara Tomlinson –NUT striking on 30th June & Stop

Indigenous in the Amazon say vote for Humala, manana!

The Second round of the Presidential election in Peru takes places tomorrow.The far right candidate whose father is currently in prison for human rights abuse when he was President in the 1990s is likely to win, there has been a huge media blitz funded by those who want to open up the Amazon to gas and oil exploration.Aidesep the organisation of Peruvian indigenous people in the Amazon are

Friday, June 3, 2011

I have now doubt Keiko Fujimori will kill

When Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori arrived at a plaza in the city of Cajamarca for a recent campaign speech, she was met by a barrage of eggs thrown by activists who opposed her candidacy and called her a “murderer and thief.”The activists were referring to the legacy of her father, Alberto Fujimori, who was Peru’s president from 1990-2000 and jailed in 2007 for a quarter century

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet The Leftwing, Green, Catholic, Gay, Southern Italian Governer Who Brings Hope To The Italian Left

Stephen Wood asked me about the programme of the green left freedom party in Italy, must admit I haven't got there but this piece is very nice.Build a social infrastructure for left green and promote renewables seems a start to me!This is a profile of the impressive Nichi Vendola A former Communist enthusiast, now voted the best-liked Italian politician, this man is full of surprises. Since his

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Green left humilates Berlusconi in Milan

The hyper rich steal and corrupt but as they are the hyper rich they pull strings and as they own the media they generally win.In Britain we had a recession caused by a banking crisis, guess what in 2011 the bankers are getting fat bonuses and the recession seems to being blamed on the disabled.So good news that Giuliano Pisapia the Ecology Left Freedom candidate beat Berlusconi on his home turf