Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little green houses

When it comes to reducing your impact on the environment in a small house a home can be a large handle package. Energy efficient sustainable homes are naturally less square meters inside and outside of the least of small houses tend to be turning. Internal causes lower power consumption, cool, light, heat, lower cost and minimum height of grass - where necessary - minimal maintenance, we have to contribute to reducing emissions and a healthier environment. But it seems more "green home" again.

In fact, if it is a greenhouse was built in 2100, many green houses, other buildings, as new subdivisions going up, out, look no need to look. But internal and external, in some invisible place, this unusual dwellings. Such rainwater catchment systems, roof designed for solar installation, carpet made from recycled materials and built taking into account the characteristics of wind energy as a family, there are several ways.

Green Energy and Environmental Design System Leadership (LEED) Rating residential houses are built to the highest certification standards. Energy Building America Program, in accordance with the standards established by the US Department of LEED It has been used for commercial and government buildings, but the house certification is a relatively new phenomenon. Green houses are one-way code standard defines a score of at least 40 percent more energy efficient home.

Construction cost of pure love, "green" homes are likely to be built as houses. Environmentally friendly, since it is not integrated into the system and solar panels less expensive and a small majority of heating and cooling standalone deployment also small budget system. The green house to make a home fell last year, cost factors, but there is a building LEED certified fundamental houses still runs about $ 3,500 will cost more to build a normal house. The highest level of LEED certification to house about 29,000 dollars more expensive. The house is small less expensive process. The same concept applies to the renovation of existing housing or in an old house of "greening".

The success of "green" and "small" is an example of a company that combines the concepts established by Jay Shafer, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is seen. He began building small houses made out of concern for the impact of Shafer in larger homes. After more than 10 years, this "small" mobile homes square meters, not only to minimize but the green house is fully insulated with double glazing and adequate heating.

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