Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Florida Green Homes green builder in Florida ahead

We only "green" We also make. All our economic and energy homes in Florida, the hurricane resistant, healthy dwelling houses are environmentally friendly!

From the early stages of construction of modern energy standards at home and green health are high and built with the intention to obtain recognition for approval. When you have completed a new homework, the energy performance certificate / water, indoor air quality and gain maximum points for environmental categories that contribute the maximum savings to our customers green houses.

Our homes will only receive the highest certification from the following organizations: EPA Certification Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program Florida Yards and Neighborhoods, FPL Florida Green Building Coalition called Smart, Energy Star, Florida Water Star and works to create the most important Gold or Platinum certification for all to examine the stage.

Benefits of Life Florida Green Home

* Power Monthly bills up to 70% savings!

* 200 mph winds as it is durable!

* Criteria for lower home insurance rates!

Nearly allergen and dust-free! Essential for patients with asthma and allergies.

* Mold and termite proof!

* Audio & Fire Corrector tough!

* Maintenance Low Native Landscaping Florida!

Green Home Savings

New house fl green energy for sale, average monthly water savings insurance of about $ 200 lawn care and home owners $ 2,400 this year, or in 20 years means an average savings of $ 48,000.

Your family's health is priceless!

Our homes formaldehyde, CFCs, products containing asbestos were built without fiberglass or other toxic substances. We use only certified green: Zero VOC paint, wardrobe and carpet. Florida Homes in almost green house dust, allergens and pollutants, to remove black mold spores and insects.

Green Building and save the planet

Our construction methods that respect the environment, waste reduction, the protection of natural resources and modern design houses for sale in Jacksonville recently built houses to protect ecosystems of our planet. For example, an average of 2,000 square meters built with ICF construction. Pie The house saves up to 47 trees and minimize ozone depletion.

Luxury at affordable price

Florida Green Homes, we firmly believe that anyone can afford to build the Green House. Prices (in his own) surpassed one million more $ 89,900 "have a house style with all budgets and tastes.

* We have three collections of models to choose from:

* Hurricane-proof houses built anywhere Florida State.

* Green Floridian and Smart Homes Green, we build the Northeast and Central Florida.

* And of course, we can build a lot of plans!

Our prices are comparable to traditionally built homes, but contains much more. See our glasses. Florida Green Homes offers luxury features in the standard package is the only founder of luxury homes in Florida.

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