Thursday, October 27, 2011

My father and my family

I and the Father

I think of my father all the time.

He 93 years and suffers from infirmities of old age: dementia, arthritis and urinary retention.

I think about when I'm alone.

Talking to my mother and my brothers, if every time I talk with them.

We need to share our life with him.

We are all grateful for their love and sacrifice - in terms of time and money.

In memory of my father in my house

I am alone in my house,

I want to share my childhood memories with my wife and children.

It did not work.

My wife is not willing to listen to my emotional outbursts of gratitude.

Prevent my father talk to him.

Grandchildren and grandparents

My kids hear me when I talk about my father, one or more times at most.

I avoid if I repeat often.

I many times a day Mull my old memories and enjoy this moment.

When my children tell me, I secretly asked my parents.

I talk about my grandchildren - children - who grow and attract new experience of life, every day.

It is natural and spontaneous.

I speak from their spouses - my brother-daughter and her husband, on my children happy.

It is spontaneous and natural.


When we speak, my children rarely talk about my parents.

It was possible to hurt me.

My father loves his grandchildren.

For all grandparents.

All grandchildren to grandparents loved as a child.

But to get in his youth working in their careers, families and children.

They have little time for grandparents.

This is the universal truth.

This is the pragmatic approach.

It is important to prepare children to integrate into society.

It is desirable, but not essential, to actively interact with the grandparents.

Children have objectively assesses their priorities.

The charge to be grateful that his parents are on you.

It's childish, but wait for the spouse or children, warm relationship with parents to show.

This is the era of nuclear families.

In marriages today, expectations are clearly defined: "To care for him and the children."

human limitations

The traditional term control is perfect: a supervisor for 6 people.

A person can have a brother, a husband, two children, two parents and two in the statutes.

Grandparents are priority part.

As a grandparent, you feel cheated?

This is the wrong approach.

If you wait, dependent on others for your happiness that you are

If your grandchildren remember. Your busy life, thanks

Do not indulge in criticism and complaints.

It helps to understand the limitations of human beings.

We are all in search of happiness.

We are trying to correct the repair of others or other, our way of life.

We will accept others as they are.

We will not wait for others.

Happiness is ours.

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