Friday, September 23, 2011

If you look good, you feel good

"If you look good, you feel good." - Deion Sanders

Everyone has heard this phrase at least once in your life, no matter how simple or insignificant it may seem, I realized that this is not entirely true.

Died three of my grandparents to cancer and my father and my grandmother was afraid of cancer and both now have diabetes and blood pressure problems, it is clear that the problems of poor health is in my family .the luggage duty switches As you can see, what happens to my family to do at an early age, one of my goals as a healthy lifestyle that I have I to live.

When I was younger (before my father was diagnosed with diabetes), my parents were not too concerned that we eat healthy and exercise, so that they can use for soft drinks or candy around the house at all times. After my father have diabetes and had more to reduce their sugar consumption, I decided that I do the same.

Either he was drinking with the possibility of soda or eat a lot of sugar, as I pleased, it was very difficult at first. I started small (I once without him after a week without it, and so on), but in the end it was much easier. I completely cut soda and candy from my diet (although I still addicted to sweet tea and I can not say no to chocolate) and recently I've been working on the reduction of fast food and most processed foods .the luggage duty switch

After cutting my food, I began to see amazing results in my health and how I looked. I decided to spend more weight, I loved and still love to start to lose but my love for fitness really started my senior year of high school, I enrolled in a weight class.

"No one has the right to an amateur when it comes to physical training. It is a shame for a man, without seeing the beauty and strength of his body, which is capable of aging." - Socrates

Since my last year of high school four years ago, I have no more than two consecutive days without running away or go to the gym, and if you're healthy, I eat more and more confident with the appearance like me and what I feel. "If you look good, you feel good."

My goal for this article is not to boast of my achievements. My goal for this article is trying to encourage everyone things in your life who do not like to change about yourself. It is very easy for me the fact that poor health was difficult to accept in my genetics, but I decided to change me.

Although it is important for you, you can use this lesson to implement everything in life in good health. If you want something, then, to go after him. When people say you can not do if everything we do to show them another way. How Kobe Bryant and Ray Lewis said in his career: "It is used as fuel for the fire."

You do not kick in his first game kick winner, first met with a free kick. You do not know anything about yourself that you do not like change, but why not start today?

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