Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Green Home Remodeling - Why is it so popular?

This is one of the biggest trends in home renovation, but just why many owners 'go green' prefer?
Green home renovations because it will give benefits as other improvements, you can not:

1. Make the home stand
In any case, the green updates will help prevent a lot of races, trying to sell your home. If the buyer choose your home over all others on the market in the neighborhood are not convinced, do not forget!

2. They have to reduce their cost of living
As with everything else it will cost, to know there is a way to reduce the bill are beautiful. Depending on the changes you made, you can reduce energy and water bills.
For example, you can shave 30% achieved double glazing or triple şekiıl bills.
Those who come with a kitchen to replace old appliances with Energy Star ratings, the fact that you will pay for itself within five years!
If the sealing cracks around your home, you can add up to big savings. In fact, the Department of Energy, the average American household 3x3 meter hole in the wall says it's enough even for cracks! Think about how much you are wasting air conditioning and heating bills!
If you do not know where to start, consider getting an energy audit. Odds are local power company offered free!

3. Healthy Homes
If you think only good things can come from a new coat of paint, think again. Painting of the means ("VOC" for short) comes with VOC. As a convenience, and are much safer for people living around - low VOC paints and without are much more friendly to the environment. COV for all pregnant women, in fact, extremely dangerous.
Now, using paints with low or no VOC, you can breathe fresh air - and then there was a big selling point when the house was on the market!

4. What is great
Bamboo floors are one of the most common green home renovations, and it's easy to see why. They look so elegant and traditional woods come in many different shades, as they are - but they are much better for the environment.
Instead of bamboo flooring, grass, because that's all. In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. The trees have to be cut to make wood floors that can take years to grow back, but bamboo grows an inch per hour rate!

5. They give the former home of a new sensation
Even if you feel at home that looks much more modern and make some reforms in green house, many years standing. And remember, numerous studies show that new buyers Likes houses give a better answer!

6. They help the local economy
Some green building materials that do not use a gas ton to get directions to seize only those items. They are not riding the diesel trucks thousands of miles, help clean the air we breathe. As a bonus, buy them, instead of sending half of the world's money, with a locally based company, you get to spend your hard earned money!

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