Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Green House on the future of our planet

Green housing construction or natural construction materials made by man instead uses natural and environmentally friendly materials. To produce a product that does not require energy or green building materials very adequate housing as transport. Contribute to environmental pollution or more of the basic principles of this application is definitely using construction techniques use more resources than necessary.

Green houses are less square images, alternative energy sources such as solar panels, land, property, using natural insulation to reduce energy needs and working with the natural spawning. To the extent possible, and the use of sustainable building materials building green houses combines many of these ideas.

A wide range of materials and techniques used in home green. Hay is one of the most popular works. Straw is a renewable resource and a great insulator. It is easy to build with and significantly less than the cost of traditional building materials. Many banks are willing to extend the technique has become so popular. In the southwestern United States, thatched houses are becoming common. There residential house construction uses about 15% less wood.

In addition to hay, there are many other renewable resources for the production of homemade green. Combined with Adobe house straw or other natural materials and the desired shape of dry, moist soil is made. Cob is a technique of adobe buildings. Clay and straw are combined in the same way, but with a higher concentration of long straw fibers. This is a very labor-intensive, and hands should be applied, low cost, low impact, green home building process providing. Using rammed earth construction is another form of mud and straw. However, the materials must often hit by heavy machinery.

The concrete is poured on the ground like a house of green building materials. This was stirred and formed in the same manner as the concrete and also as a binder, Portland cement is used. However, concrete is used in the soil, sand and gravel does not contain added poured. Instead, resulting in medium strength concrete is very easy to make use of the land. The elements are highly resistant and virtually maintenance of the building when installed. Because of the labor required in construction costs can be up to 20% higher.

Earthbags or sandbags, is a popular material used for building a green house. They are inexpensive and can be easily and quickly produced. Earthbags resistant houses and constructed severe weather offer strength and durability.

Wood-size building Woodpile, are not small pieces of wood. Using this technique, otherwise easy to use timber can be useful for construction. The process of "bricks" with the operation of the wood, like bricks and mortar floor. It is gaining popularity is cheap construction techniques and beautiful green houses.

Other methods, such as bamboo green housing construction, lightweight concrete, stone and includes the use of such materials. Natural builders, short and long term, both beautiful without unnecessary pressure on the environment, to produce functional home and using these materials for the valuable energy savings.

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