Sunday, October 6, 2013

Colorado Marijuana Tourism Tours Hello Green

Its majestic mountains, ski hip, assets and legal cannabis residents now known Colorado Springs, Colorado Colo.-. The adoption of Amendment 64, the state put up to the world. Residence participate in this new adventure opens a new industry. Infusers Tourism (cooks, bakers and beverage manufacturers) to retail (farmers markets), producers (farmers), the sender; Colorado Gold Rush, once it has been an explosion. This is believed to be capable of producing thousands of new jobs in the industry throughout the state. We are especially one that we focus on tourism.

The new law comes new challenges, and a DUI marijuana to fight. Not a good start, despite an outbreak. So now Colorado came with a safe and cost effective solution cunning.

Colorado Highlife Tours has now opened its own website for marijuana trips. They admit that marijuana is not tied to retail sales in January 2014, they want to be the first and best tour guide in the cannabis industry. Owner Timothy V. We are in the early stages of this initiative and market products for states wishing to smoke marijuana and dinner / out of the country as visitors, I see what you bring to know soon, "he said." "We are a safe, fun and knowledgeable, we offer experience, as we are! Let us then Preferences want."

Timothy V. is a way to go there, but your customers want to be able to have the best time and can visit while they admit that cannabis. "We want our guests to enjoy the best possible products. Do not want to fall into the dark side of the buying products industry and business had to cannabis diving clubs." "We offer the best and only the best."

They just take a taxi or asked why not rent a car to do it, to travel around the city trying to buy quality products, taxi and pay the private club registration fee ", said it was not, and said was to ruin the trip. We offer a cheap alternative. "retail stores in your site, op photo stops made a special visit to cannabis clubs and visits to local attractions, Denver and Colorado Springs offer a 4-5 hour trip. "We want them to think of us as well as marijuana status, but also want to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Colorado."

The owner admits that his opinion is the biggest challenge and take customers, but there is a plan for them offensive. If you like to help spread the word "We spend a huge amount of international and national marketing. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and social networks, to name a few Stumble". We also have a soldier / Order bloggers. "Timothy V also about 5 employees would be hired to help quenched." I know it's not much help but mention five tourism, economy combine to pump thousands of new jobs in all sectors and schools in our beautiful state. "Colorado Amendment 64 states, the first annual income tax raised by $ 40 million to help fund the construction of public schools to be deposited in the capital.

"We have a long way, but we are proud to create new and" budding ", where the industry."
When asked about the federal government not to sell marijuana for our customers only the best, where we show them, "he said, and the design of HR 1523 and his law, we will solve the problem comply with the State Law marijuana laws can happen."

So I hope they do well and the State by an explosion, that is, her beauty and her great love of marijuana.

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