Tuesday, August 6, 2013

'Green routing' drivers Woodbury Hyundai Sonata excited

Technology major car drivers brands, let Green is not the only way. Of course, there are steps in the corporate end of things, but there are other forms of technology to contribute to the advancement of green driving. For example, consumers Gloucester County Hyundai dealer to 6 percent of the anticipated new NAVTEQ system helps reduce fuel consumption "green routing" is ready to offer cars equipped with. New techniques of the time and other factors, and some time, and suggesting alternative routes for consumers who want to save money, the forecasts of traffic model based on time, proprietary software strengthens NAVTEQ to help in the best way trip daily commute to drivers. You will save money and reduce greenhouse gases to cut because of a "green" is reported as a system. As fire in all aspects of the innovation industry is expanding system NAVTEQ is another example of how. Also the forecast technology, including the automotive industry is an example of how to change the future for all sectors. Woodbury Hyundai Sonata action distributors are excited to see this new routing green technology.

New Hyundai Veloster NAVTEQ first car for the treatment, but we are sure it will not be the last. This technology providers experience more connected to the user, or have another way to take advantage of the GPS data to provide everything they do. Your dealer Gloucester County Hyundai can not wait to take a shot at the car. According to a recent press release, "Hyundai additional ADAS with digital maps NAVTEQ road geometry more accurate account, such as new software using data and routing calculations allow pending for the land, height and curvature. Ha qualities developed as this So where flow softer drivers for the navigation system to find these properties together ways traffic can be directed alternative path - .. where time is based on the traffic congestion typically occurs and estimates NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns (TM) joined -If a discharge fuel consumption to a minimum "for car segment C, adding that the system is really rare, but it will not be able to help consumers make better decisions on the road does not mean. Woodbury Hyundai Sonata drivers will hit the showroom floor so excited to test the technology in the near future.

Recent research actually 6 percent "green routing" shows that very realistic help leveraging NAVTEQ function drive system, the viability of the reserves. Your Gloucester County Hyundai is at the forefront of the automotive industry in terms of technology, distributors, and I hope Hyundai continues the trend. Hyundai brand in recent years, lost green driving the company's focus on the target was not very profitable for a clear signal. Hyundai Sonata drivers on the road between some of happy drivers, and they will move together towards a sustainable future.

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