Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is the season for members of family issues

How to solve the past, the choice of the present and create your future, ease and happiness lead to your family and make the most of their family relationships.

Each of us has a family to us choose some and not others. It would be great if we had a really good time and for every opportunity in our family, but there is at least one that makes beats fucking crazy. Chances are that this conflict led to a cascade of negative emotions. The initial spark emotions that cause you're always on top after emergence, for many years (especially if there is a parental figure, which is not a lot to live), anger blaming them for the negative feelings, you need not be easier for them, and all that care more about what they have or have not done in the past.

Memories Buried Alive Never Die. You can keep to behave civilized sessions in a certain way, but that does not change the underlying currents. This raises the question of how to make the best of a difficult relationship?

What you need to do is to first perform a protocol to the latest rage, sadness, anger, triggers, pain, shame, guilt and emotional reactions to things, you started with a clean slate to resolve it. When I say everything, really speak for themselves. These traumatization belong to each event in the past, that interest you. Without a doubt, the best way to do this is through the emotional freedom technique, I trance / hypnosis. One of my favorites is followed Mindscaping EFT.

Then recognize and accept that a particular person is like and no amount of emotional pain of that will change. Feeling bad about it is like poison and waiting for someone to die. I agree. Figure out what you want to have fun, so you can enjoy and appreciate and made the decision that, although the relationship can not be built entirely to really know that person so that he and neglect the rest.

Warning: I will not tolerate a blind eye to the horrible things that happened today that must be stopped. On the contrary, for reasons of personal joy, only the choice to choose to interact with certain aspects of a person to keep his life. I also think that it can not be used to spouses or primary relationships - but for others who are in more remote. Parents, siblings or more distant relatives.

Now that you have decided to interact with that person in a positive light, you can use the EFT protocol to deal with anything that may happen in the moment, rather than allowing to accumulate. You will see that after the beginning of the past is not enabled, wherever you are. Please understand that this is not "let go". Whatever it is, it's your life better, make you happy, and even a gift. Give the gift. Emotional freedom and regain the power they have passed on to third parties to make you feel bad

Note: Not much to say, family dynamics and abuse (physical or emotional) is a constant problem, then you need to talk to someone will now end this. Remember, abuse is not only physical and psychological violence is often not visible and easy to deny others the author.

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